It is impossible to believe: 11 wooden airports in Russia
It is impossible to believe: 11 wooden airports in Russia

It is impossible to believe: 11 wooden airports in Russia

Any person with logical thinking understands that it is more advantageous to travel through the air in the Far North than to build roads. Therefore, in due time the USSR began to actively build an aviation network in the north of the country. So in the remote areas were built small wooden airports. And if after the disintegration of the Union the program of development of polar aviation was turned off, no one dismantled the airports. It is difficult to believe that some of them are still functioning and serving the needs of small aircraft.


1. Pertominsk, Arkhangelsk region

2. Eniseysk, Krasnoyarsk Territory

The airport was founded in 1934 year and is located at 5 km from the city center. Accepts both airplanes and helicopters. From here important transportation to hard-to-reach populated areas takes place. The passenger flow rate of the Yenisei Airport in 2016 amounted to 6264 people.

3. Solovetsky Monastery Airport on the Solovetsky Islands in the White Sea

Solovki Airport was built before the Great Patriotic War and in its time was used in the interests of the Soviet Air Force. You can fly here not only by plane, but also by helicopter. Air flights to Solovki are carried out from Moscow, Arkhangelsk and Petrozavodsk. Passenger traffic in recent years exceeds the mark of 9 thousand people annually.

4. Nyurba, Yakutia

This airport provides air communication with Irkutsk and Yakutsk. Like the previous ones, it accepts helicopters and 3-4 class aircraft. Passenger traffic exceeds 20 thousand people annually.

5. Krasnoselkup, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District

The airport accepts planes from Salekhard and Tyumen. During the autumn and spring mudslides, it is impossible to get to the city in other ways than air. By the way, this airport also accepts helicopters, where you can go to Novy Urengoy, Tarko-Sale and Tolka. Currently, the airport is being reconstructed, after which it will be able to receive modern aircraft models.

6. Turukhansk, Krasnoyarsk Territory

The airport is located in 2 km from the city of Turukhansk. In autumn and spring, it is the only way to communicate with the "Big Land", as there are no railroads or highways, and navigation on the Yenisei stops because of the ice.

From here helicopters go to Tyumen, Igarka and Krasnoyarsk.

7. Belozersk, the Vologda region

8. Ossora, the Kamchatka Territory

In winter, the village can be reached only by plane. From mid-May to mid-December, the message is also possible on the water.

9. Khatanga, Krasnoyarsk Territory

Surprisingly, the airport in Khatanga is of federal importance. It serves the needs of aviation around the clock and year-round. Used as a spare airport for all flights to Norilsk. His services are used by polar aviation, and many airlines send their ships here for refueling. In addition, it is the largest airport in the Arctic.

10. Airport in Turukhansk

Turukhansk is a village located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The photo shows the old terminal building, the new one was opened in 2014.

11. Airport in the village of Chara

The airport is located in the Trans-Baikal Territory.

wooden childhood toy cars of the AIRPORT are also wooden like life itself in the country

No. 6 is not Turukhansk, this is Seymchan Magadan region. year of construction is not exactly say the beginning of 40, through this airfield drove American planes to the front. I come from Seimchan.

Vanavara Evenkia airport is also wooden

What's cool - the airport in the hutang was exactly the same 25 years ago

In the village of Taksimo, too, the old building

At number 6 the airport of Seymchan settlement of Magadan region

For some reason, half the population of the country has wooden lavatories with a hole in the floor that does not surprise anyone.

If the daily passenger turnover is not more than 50 people then the sense of building an air terminal complex of the Domodedovo type At one time in Igarka which is used as a spare Alykel (Norilsk) built an excellent brick hotel for money allocated for the construction of an air terminal-called-the terminal for long waiting-and the passengers stopped sleeping on the floor in the airport terminal Arrived to take this building the commission from Moscow raised a baaalshoy scandal People spit and here is a show-off is all As before, and this one

Krasnokamensk of the Trans-Baikal Territory, also a wooden airport.

Airport in the village of Saranpaul Berezovsky district of KhMAO-Ugra

Still there is in the village of Kachug Irkutsk region

cool superpower airports

And would you like to have a settlement for 150 residents you otgrohali international airport with a strip of 4 km? ))))))))))

And so it was in Soviet times. And it was because the military was in the share - it was calculated and for them - in wartime - they did. And now the "reformers" have let everything go to pieces. From three well-known airports on two runways, they were half-dismantled, the plates were pulled out. On the third, the residents promised to pull out the legs for the runway for the runway with permission to dismantle from the district authorities - they still hoped .... This was the beginning of the 2000s - what now ....?

All the money earned by the country is devoured by a stupid, insatiable Muscovite.

Akhakh in Moscow lives a small part of Russia the only ones who work for the good of the whole country. Unlike the really stupid villagers

Stupid. When the Muscovites work: 12 morning, 15 evening and solid traffic jams. This province feeds insatiable creatures.

And what do you produce, dear?

Once your old bald mayor-beekeeper on charges of Moscow eating to the rest of Russia hotly objected that Muscovites earn their living and receive benefits. And gave an example that here successes in the oil industry and in the mining industry allowed to raise payments to the elderly .... And where is that fountain - on Red Square or in my north?

well, take out a loan and create an airline for the workers and cash in on ... if the passages on the daily flight Vasyuki-Moscow (4 per day and 3 back) for Boeing 737 BAND and the equipment of the system of call, kgs and other will pay off ... than not business? ??

Chukotka airport Markovo was also a wooden one true whether he is alive or not I do not know

And you lived in Chukotka?

You missed the airport in Seimchan, Magadan region, very beautiful.

Under №6 there is a Seimchan airport.

Yes, they, wooden, much more. than 11: the whole Sakha-Yakutia, excluding the capital, Mirny and a couple more cities ...

... In Yakutia 90 percent of the wooden .... Deputy, White Mountain, Mom, Ust Nera, Ust Kuyga, Srednekolymsk, Zyryanka, Zhigansk, Batagai, etc., etc. .... do not build and do not develop ....


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