The main purpose of the military aviation
The main purpose of the military aviation

The main purpose of the military aviation



Military aircraft, being one of the most important branches of service, the latest in conjunction with other military-technical means changes the nature of the battle and the nature of operations, allowing to strike deep, powerful, simultaneous or agreed with the punches land and sea forces. Aviation tactical "Are operational interaction with the land and naval forces of the army and by independent action seeks to achieve overall success.


The primary purpose of aviation is:


  1. the struggle for supremacy in the air, which is perceived destruction of enemy aircraft in the air and on the ground, the destruction of the material part, the destruction and the destruction of airfields, aircraft factories and bases;
  2. combat interaction with land and naval forces in combat and operations carried out: the destruction of the living forces of the enemy, his weapons of war and structures; disorder of the enemy rear, and its control system;
  3. combat support troops - cover them from the attacks of the enemy aviation and by denial of his aerial reconnaissance;
  4. Command combat service and combat arms of ground and naval forces: intelligence (tactical, operational, strategic); observation (s interests at various levels of command, infantry, cavalry, artillery and mechanized troops); communication (with the troops and air forces in various conditions); transportation of troops, of various cargoes for fighting and sanitary evacuation of the seriously wounded; campaigning work behind enemy lines {dropping literature).


Military aviation

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