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Parade helicopters

Parade helicopters

Media: "The best examples of combat and military transport aviation flew over Red Square."

The aviation part of the parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War was opened by helicopters.

The group was headed by the long outdated, but still vigorous, heavy-duty Mi-26, accompanied by the honored pensioners of the USSR - the Mi-8 helicopters, followed by the Mi-35, Ka-52 battle lines, and, as befits emergency helicopters, the gloomy Mi-28N.

Personally, the helicopter parade made a depressing impression on me, because in our time the parade should be opened by high-speed heavy Ka-102, followed by Ka-92, then combat helicopters with speeds of ~ 400 km / h, which would really look impressive. For example, the Indians abandoned Putin's Mi-28Ns back in 2010, followed by the giants of the Mi-26 helicopters. “Military pilots call the Mi-26“ cow ”among themselves (› news / tsar-vertolet). In our time, a heavy helicopter would have more to compare with the "stallion" of the "Vladimir breed", a champion in the transportation of heavy loads, but not with a cash cow.

Strength and endurance; power and grace with the ability to be a riding horse!

And the Mi-26 from the 20th century brought with it a low speed of 255 km / h, although it is high time for heavy helicopters to be faster and safer, i.e. modern for real, not in words! Morally and physically obsolete Mi-26 and Mi-8 helicopters today are a joy only to the “effective” manager of the Russian Helicopters holding A. Boginsky, President V.V. To Putin and last but not least to our sworn friends: the Americans! And for pilots tailed helicopters from the Stone Age have long been "overwhelmed", but the general designers of the Moscow Helicopter Plant have apparently forgotten how to design modern helicopters, and this despite the fact that the Mi-26 helicopter has unique engines, as well as a unique main rotor with a main gear, therefore on their base, it was high time to build, for example, a transverse helicopter, freeing from heavy tail booms with gearboxes and lethal tail rotor. Plus the rotors would get an extra power boost after getting rid of the tail rotor!

And the tail boom - only extra heavy weight and, coupled with the consumption of 10% of power for the min. propeller - the helicopter is significantly deprived of a substantial part of the payload. So the engine power of the V-12 helicopter is only 26% more than that of the Mi-13, and the payload with a normal flight weight is one third more than the Mi-26 (20 tons versus 15 tons), but the government does not seem to care much about the economy of the State. as well as the President himself. At all conferences, meetings and during meetings with the people, he speaks very correctly, carefully: “Putin said that all plans for the development of the army and navy will be fulfilled.

Ivan Lindemann 09.05.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX.

The President added that the Russian Armed Forces receive and will receive the most modern equipment. And this weapon is in good hands. Vladimir Putin announced this at the review of the Presidential Regiment. "

And these helicopters, in his words, are also "the most modern technology."

And in truth - "cow"; but even more deplorable is the video from the parade flight of the Mi-8 helicopter.

This standard-bearer took part in the opening of the tenth International Exhibition "Hydroaviasalon-2014" in Gelendzhik on September 4. 04.09.2014

At the conclusion of the commission: pilot error. It is possible that so, but the same tail rotor aggravated his mistake to the size of a disaster. The pilot is a living person and mistakes in his work are not excluded, but on helicopters of the classical scheme, because of the tail booms with propellers, such errors become fatal. It is even worse for pilots when the tail rotor fails in flight, which is what the audience saw at the next parade near Ryazan when performing a demonstration flight at the Aviamix show on August 2, 2015: what is a TAIL rotor!

It seemed that after such a shameful demonstration of the Mi-28N helicopters, their serial production would finally stop. No, no! Then they were allowed to fall even in Syria, the same way - without impact from outside.

I hope that in these videos the President of Russia will see how a "harmless" tail rotor is capable of fighting not only for his own people, but also on the side of the enemy, and then he will thoroughly think about making a decision to re-equip our Aerospace Forces with real modern Ka-50 and Ka-52 helicopters , as well as the Ka-32-10AG instead of the tired Mi-8. Unless, of course, he is independent in his decisions?

And the liberals, trying to justify the President by replacing the shock Ka-50 with the unreliable Mi-28N (Mi-28NM), still continue to seek "shortcomings" from the "Black Shark":

“The maneuverable helicopter (Ka-50), capable of flying sideways, had to hover in order to fire. The pilot would switch from flying to shooting anyway, and nothing could be done about it. The solution was found in the conversion of the Ka-50 into a helicopter with a crew of 2 people. This is how the Ka-52 appeared, which inherited all the positive qualities of the Ka-50, and expanded them even more ( ›… apacha… rasskazal… vertolet… pochemu-…).

A normal person simply cannot think of such stupidity: "The pilot still switched from flight to shooting and nothing could be done about it."

 At Chapaev's, Anka the machine gunner switched to shooting after reloading the Maxim machine gun. But the pilots of the Ka-50/52, when firing in any direction, "do not switch", which is well shown in the film "Black Shark", when the pilot on the Ka-50, moving sideways at the speed of the same Mi-24, shoots him from a cannon without any freeze.

From Wikipedia:

The “Obzor-800” helmet-mounted target designation system, detecting the turns of the pilot's head, issues commands for preliminary target designation to the Shkval-V complex and the homing heads of the air-to-air missiles [12]. Target designation is carried out by turning the pilot's head within ± 60 ° horizontally and -20 ° ... + 45 ° vertically.

To this I want to add that in Syria, tanks destroy combat Ka-52s, but not Mi-28Ns! And also without hovering, without switching to shooting, because the pilots of these helicopters are ready to fire from the moment of takeoff and throughout the entire flight!

Then even American pilots could envy the Ka-50 automatics:

“The weapon control system“ SUO-800M ”is engaged in direct armament control, which, among other things, gives the pilot signals about the readiness of the weapon.

The Ranet system (Wikipedia) is used to display combat, navigation and flight information on the IT-23MV television display and the ILS-31 windshield display.

But here is the encouraging news about the combat Ka-29: "29.06.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX By the polar wind:" sea hunters "are flying to the Arctic.

In the Arctic, squadrons of "sea hunters" - modernized Ka-29 helicopters - are being used. Pilots of the Pacific Fleet from Kamchatka were the first to master these unique transport and combat vehicles. Starting this year, Ka-29s are being prepared for operations in the Arctic: in 2021, helicopter pilots from the Northern Fleet will start working on them. The vehicles will be used to supply military bases, transfer personnel and patrol the polar region. The Ka-29, according to experts, is versatile; they not only have powerful weapons, but can also take on board several tons of cargo. Heavenly wagon ”.

Use these helicopters in Syria - many pilots from combat "Mi" and today would be safe and sound, and the State would save a lot of money from the loss of Mi-24 and Mi-28. For example, pilots from a Su-24 bomber shot down by the Turks would be searched for on the armored Ka-29 instead of the defenseless Mi-8, and a Marine who was pulled out by a bullet from the small arms on board the Mi-8 would have survived:

 “In order to evacuate the Russian pilots from the landing site, a search and rescue operation was carried out with the involvement of two Mi-8 helicopters. During the operation, one of the helicopters was damaged by small arms fire and made an emergency landing in neutral territory. One contract marine. died, "- said the head of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant General Sergei Rudskoy, on Tuesday. November 24, 2015 "

And in the Arctic and Polar regions, Mi-8s are "knocked down" by gusts of polar wind:

“According to the preliminary version, a car carrying a brigade of coal mining workers was hit by the wind while landing. As a result of the accident, two crew members and a worker were killed, and six others were injured.

According to eyewitnesses, a sharp gust of wind killed the Mi-8. “The weather in the archipelago is changing rapidly,” one of the coal miners working in Svalbard explained to Kommersant. “It happens that in clear weather a strong wind suddenly flies in, literally a tornado. It rages for several seconds and disappears just as quickly as if it had never existed. "(The helicopter was blown away by the wind on April 1, 2008. Kommersant.).

Unlike Mi-8 helicopters, coaxial helicopters were created as if specifically for the Arctic and Arctic regions:

“As for the Ka-27, there is a feeling that it simply does not notice the wind. In hover mode with strong gusts, it spins like a whirligig on its tip, but does not leave the set point. Moreover, the airborne flight and navigation complex (FPK) provides a huge help to the pilot at this moment, and of course, the helicopter design itself plays an important role. "

Let's hope that the Ka-29 data is the first swallows in the rearmament of our VKS after the outdated Mi helicopters:

"The test pilot compared the Ka-29 helicopter with the Mi-24

The shipborne attack helicopter Ka-29, created on the basis of the Ka-27, can compete with the land-based Mi-24V, and surpasses it in some parameters of maneuverability.

Test pilot Alexander Cherednichenko told TASS about it.

According to him, the armament and performance characteristics of the ship's armored helicopter are no worse than those of the Mi-24V. The Ka-29 can be armed with S-5 unguided aircraft missiles, modern S-8 missiles, or carry universal cannon containers with a GSh-23 double-barreled aircraft cannon.

Its maximum speed is up to 310 km / h. At a speed of 270-290 km / h, it goes very well without any shaking. It was almost as high-speed as the Mi-24, "the agency quotes the test pilot.

Alexander Cherednichenko also draws attention to the fact that the Ka-29 is allowed to roll plus or minus 60 degrees and pitch plus or minus 30 degrees ”(17.07.2019, Ruslan Melnikov).

Vitaly Belyaev, specially for Avia.po

No pathologies were found. Just a fool.

Yes, read, And who is he Vitaly Belyaev?
Well, as the Helicopter describes, this is something from grandmother's settlements on the bench - yesterday they were large but 5 rubles each, today they are small but 3.
Test pilot compared the Ka-29 helicopter with the Mi-24
how can you compare it?
"Milay" specialist Belyaev have you even seen Mi at work?
When you appear from behind a hillock, you didn’t have time to open your mouth and it’s no longer there, NO!
You read there and went by plane here a specialist !!! Do you know that even the MiG-21 station loses when it goes at an altitude of 15-100 meters ???? And why is it still held in high esteem? Yes, "cute" special because now their capabilities are unattainable, and in order to somehow show allegedly here he is, the 5th generation American began a conventional division - supposedly the fifth is better! Invisible - nothing is invisible !!!! And what about the combat turn circle of the last F 20 km, how is it? This is not a mare that you took and turned, but our planes detail without taking into account the law of aerodynamics took and stood up in the air, turned on the spot and flew back !!! So "cute" is good that you know how to read, at least you can read a leaflet will help when captured you will give up !!! Good luck specials !!!!!

"Something usually interferes with a bad dancer" ... We have flown these helicopters for a hundred years perfectly, and there is nothing to pour dirt on Soviet equipment.

Dear Empedocles, about the "Soviet technology"! In Soviet times, there was real progress in aviation and the Mi-8 was then a masterpiece, which no one takes away from it. But our earthly life is so arranged that over time everything becomes obsolete. Today, among aircraft designers, no one would even think of restoring aircraft into operation, say, the Il-14 and Il-18, which at one time were also generally recognized masterpieces. And if the Ka-32-10AG is clearly better than the Mi-171A2, then it would be logical to launch into the series not the Mi, but the Kamovsky, which is also a modernization of the Ka-32, which has been tested by us, which would be much more profitable for the State from the point of view of economy and flight safety!
About the "dancer": I don't understand what is stopping you from designing a modern helicopter without a killer tail rotor?

It is unproductive and wrong to oppose the two machines Mi and Ka. Because different teams of designers, different factories. It is necessary to look for its own special niche for each car and do both at the same time. This is the only way to understand which one will be more in demand and for what conditions of use. How many customers, so many preferences, you can sell both helicopters.

Why articles about aviation are written by people far from aviation?

do you mean? tell me then what was written here "non-aviation" ?? since you think you are a specialist


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