Polar airlines
Polar airlines

Polar Airlines. Official site.


The Russian airline company "Polar Airlines" was founded in the year 1997 to stay in Yakutsk. The airline carries out regular performance of regional passenger transportation in the Sakha Republic, as well as in cities such as Irkutsk Russia and Khabarovsk.


The Russian airline Polar Airlines is a joint-stock company engaged in the transportation of goods and passengers across the territory of Yakutia. This unitary enterprise was established by order of the President of Yakutia. The company has branches in cities such as Tiksi, Batagay, Zyryanka and Nyurba. The main task of the company is the transportation of goods, mail and passengers. The scope of the company also includes the provision of other services, namely, extinguishing forest fires, assistance in emergency situations, as well as servicing scientific expeditions and centers. Polar Airlines operates in the Republic of Sakha. 

Development of the company since its formation takes place quite steadily and rapidly, thus significantly expand the geography of service and quantity of services. All air ship companies link together more than 100 settlements.

Company Offers "Polar Airlines":

• Regular passenger and cargo flights.

• Charter transportation on the territory of the republic on such aircraft: AN-24, An-2, An-26, An-3, Mi-8 and L-410.

• Charter transportation of passengers and cargo outside the republic on the An-26 aircraft.

• Tourist services in Yakutia.

• Aerial photography.

• Carrying out aerial protection of forest plantations.

• Rescue and search operations.

• Medical transportation of people.

• Construction, installation, loading operations by helicopters. 

Despite all the advantages and features of the company, it is worth noting that Polar Airlines is an airline that has the oldest air fleet in Russia. The total age of the aircraft is 37 years. By virtue of this, it is possible to talk about the potential danger from old equipment that is being actively exploited. 

During the entire period of the company's operation, several incidents were recorded. So, in 2012, when the An-26 aircraft landed, it rolled out of the landing strip, which led to serious damage to the overall structure of the aircraft. All passengers on board were unharmed. A more dire incident occurred in early July 2013. A helicopter of the Mi-8T type, carrying 25 passengers, crashed 45 kilometers from the landing site in the village of Deputatsky. As a result of the disaster, only one passenger and two crew members managed to survive.

Navy airline "Polar Airlines" consists of 42 aerial vehicles, among which there are also helicopters Mi 16-8 taking into account the modified versions.

airline "Polar Airlines' route network is well developed, but the number of large cities includes only Yakutsk and Tiksi. Overall, the airline operates flights on more than one hundred routes, at the same time every year the number of serviced settlements is constantly growing.

Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • Engaged in local airlines in Yakutia.

  • ICAO airline code: RKA;

  • Internal airline code: YAP;


Polar Airlines. Official site. www.polarair.ru

Polar Airlines (Polar Airlines). Official site.


Contact details:

  • The mailing address of the airline: st. Zhukovsky, 10, Yakutsk, Sakha (Yakutia), Russia, 677014;

  • City Airline Phone: + 74112443128;

  • Airline fax: +74112 443314;

  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected];

  • Base airport airport  Yakutsk.

  • Domestic flights: Batagay, Andryushkino, Verkhoyansk, Belaya Gora, Deputatsky, Delgey, Zhigansk, Dzhargalakh, Kolskoye, Zyryanka, Kudu-Kyuel, Kazachye, Kustur, Kular, Moma, Markha, Oymyakon, Nizhneyansk, Olenek, Say, Olekminsk, Sobolokh, Sakkyryr, Suordakh, Srednekolymsk, Torgo, Tokko, Tyanya, Tyubelyakh, Ust-Maya, Uritskoe, Khayyr, Ust-Nera, Chapaevo, Khatynnakh, Chokurdakh, Chersky, Yukagir, Yubileiny, Yakutsk.

  • The airline's fleet includes Antonov aircraft An-2/An-3, Let L-410Antonov An-26Antonov An-24.


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Very tasty food during the flight, and before takeoff, even handing out candy to the ears are not pledged. Still polar airline best of its kind!

Not every company will be able to adjust performance in such difficult weather conditions as we do, and polar explorers did it! I can not get enough of them, everything is fine!

I believe that the Polar Airlines perfectly cope with their tasks - you need to transport the passengers transported. And about what to fly in a small cabin is not convenient, though ashamed to say I do not like, try to find an airline that you will agree to carry.

When planting shakes, of course, specific, but it can not overshadow the joy of my first flight. An indescribable feeling. Thank you!

I flew this airline for the first time. All just great! Such a feeling that he sat down for just a minute, but it turns out that we have already landed! Landing took five minutes, with the luggage waiting for about the same amount, and this is considering that on my last flight, when I bought tickets for another airline, the airport staff managed to lose my luggage and about an hour figured out where he had been redirected! Therefore, I estimate this company as the most positive one that I had to use. The only drawback is the price for tickets, which, even with such quality service, is very high for me personally, but on the whole I express my huge gratitude to the crew - guys are just fine fellows! Thank you.

Overall, the airline is not bad, but it would not hurt, to improve the online ticketing system, as did the majority of self-respecting airlines. To date, the reliability of payment is completely absent. With this approach to maintenance and related customer rates are too high. At the same time the feeling that all employees, including the company's representatives at the airport, were to work since the Soviet Union, everything is so gray and dull that even the appearance of a soft flight erased on this background.

Twice he flew flights from Polar Airlines to Turkey and Cyprus. Maintenance and general arrangement of the aircraft leaves a positive impression, five out of five! But as for me, quite a few international flights depart directly from the city, I have to fly through Moscow, and this, given the huge demand for tickets. In general, this is quite inconvenient as you need to spend extra time on the road. The impression is created that other airlines simply cannot withstand competition with Polar Airlines in our country - this is like a proverb, and I will not talk to anyone else. If the company is not able to establish a direct flight, let others not interfere with their work. At the same time, the fact that ordinary people feel the main inconveniences does not seem to bother anyone.

I enjoyed flying with Polar Airlines. Service is top notch, just class. The pilot is doing an excellent job. Takeoff and landing were calm, without hesitation. We flew quietly, peacefully, without delay. The flight attendants offered blankets, magazines, newspapers, and a choice of food and drinks. During the flight, the stewardesses talked nicely with the passengers, paying attention to everyone and taking an interest in their well-being. In the future I will continue to use Polar Airlines. Thanks to the entire crew for such a flight.

Polar Airlines is a very good airline recently flew on a plane AN-24, very pleasant, beautiful airplanes and helicopters, friendly flight attendants, a very good pilot, takeoff and landing were professionally done. The airplane is clean and comfortable. Thank you.