Aviation Issues as part of political games
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Aviation Issues as part of political games

Aviation Issues as part of political games


The current situation in the sphere of Russian civil aviation is a serious concern among the carriers, in particular, we are talking about continues to operate a ban on flights to Egypt. Of course, themselves bans deliver serious inconvenience for the Egyptian authorities, as every year only Russian tourists accounted for a significant part of the revenue of the country, however, it is important to bear in mind that the problems are created for domestic air carriers, which receive less due to such actions of the authorities, substantial profits .

It was originally supposed, and informational resource Avia.pro repeatedly pointed this out that flights between Russia and Egypt will resume in September-October this year, but, in fact, permit the organization of flights between the two countries was postponed only for the next year. Independent experts believe that such a long delay in the organization of air traffic between the two countries are unfounded, moreover, it is likely all it can be part of a big political game.



In the middle of this year, in one of their interviews, a number of domestic carriers noted the fact that the ban on flights between Russia and Egypt could be caused artificially, with the aim of more intensive development of internal routes in the country, as well as to stimulate Russian tourists to visit the existing ones. the territory of the state is resorts, which definitely makes a profit. In fact, this may be the case, since according to the reported data, this year, the number of tourists vacationing at the resorts of Sochi and Crimea has increased significantly, however, given the fact that the holiday season has ended here, it would be logical to assume that flights between the two countries should already recover, which in reality did not happen.



It should be clarified that not so long ago, there is evidence in the media that Russia intends to sell to Egypt several passenger aircraft Sukhoi SuperJet 100, and then, almost immediately there were reports that the flights can be restored to this country for a few weeks, however, Egypt on the purchase of ships refused, and even a few days later, it was announced that due to imperfections in the security of the Egyptian airports, flights to this country will be resumed only 2017 year.

Based on these and above mentioned data, experts suggested that the ban on flights to Egypt is only part of the political game, which most negatively affects Russian citizens who can not go on vacation in this country, and air carriers that can not build up its performance in full. It is likely that the authorities of the country can also really care about the safety of Russian citizens, however, it remains unknown why Russian observers do not check the security of airports in other countries, for example the same Turkey where terrorist acts are regularly taking place.


Kostyuchenko Yuriy specifically for Avia.pro

It seems that the article was written for Echo of Moscow. Bad government does not allow flying to Egypt for political purposes. Have you forgotten about the exploded liner?

Dear carriers can not provide security? - Fly themselves with their children in Egypt, let you blow up.
And if it comes to that, do not lomite prices, people carry any cheaper in Russia, change yourself and not Retrieve your lost, and does not lobby his boundless greed.

Good article, good-quality.