Rocket in space pictures: photo, video
Rocket in space pictures: photo, video

Rocket in space pictures: photo, video

K.E. Tsiolkovsky, in his work entitled “Spacecraft” (1924 year), speaking of the apparatus used for manned space flight, basically called it differently - the sky ship. It's no secret that the first manned spacecraft is a Vostok-1 of Soviet production. It was there that Yuri Gagarin made the first full-fledged space flight - he circled the planet with the first space velocity.


Here are some beautiful photos from the start of various spacecraft.

Photo 1

1. 19 June 1969, the launch of the Apollo 11 spacecraft to the moon. It was he who made the first landing on the moon. Neil Armstrong is the first person to set foot on the moon, what happened on July 20 1969. Then he said the ingenious phrase: "A small step for a man, but a giant leap for all of humanity."

Photo 2

2. 19 February 2017 year launched a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from the launch site at Cape Canaveral. SpaceX is an American corporation that was founded by former shareholder of PayPal and Tesla Motors CEO Ilon Max, with the goal of reducing the cost of space flight, opening the way to the colonization of Mars.

Photo 3

3. 20 April 2017 of the launch of the Soyuz spacecraft. "Soyuz" - the name of the family of Soviet and Russian multi-manned transport spacecraft. Creation of a ship in 1962, in OKB-1 under the guidance of Kolev for the Soviet lunar program. Modern modifications of the spacecraft allow the crew to deliver a 3 man to a near-earth orbit.

Photo 4

4. 20 April 2017 launch of the ship Tianzhou-1 - the first Chinese cargo spacecraft of the Tianzhou family.

Photo 5

5. 14 May 2010 of the year launched the spacecraft "Atlantis" at Cape Canaveral. Atlas is a reusable NASA transport ship. This is the 4 space shuttle. Its construction was a30 March 1980 of the year, and 13 April 1985 of the year Atlantis was handed over to NASA. It was named after an oceanographic research sailing vessel that was in operation from 1930 to 1966. 8 July 2011, another historical event happened - the last launch of the last ship on the program Space Shuttle. Over the thirty-year history of operation, five shuttles performed 135 flights. In total, all the shuttles performed an 21152 orbit around the planet and flew 872,7 million kilometers. 1,6 thousand tons of payloads were lifted into space by shuttle. The flights made 355 astronauts and astronauts; in general 852 of the crew of the shuttle for the entire period of operation.

Photo 6

6. 22 February 2017 of the launch of the Soyuz from Bayonur. The spacecraft of the series made more 120 successful flights and became the main components of the Russian and Soviet manned programs aimed at space exploration. Since 2011, after the end of the Space Shuttle program, they have become the only means of transporting crews to the International Space Station.

Photo 7

7. 20 April 2017 launch of the Soyuz MS-04 spacecraft. Soyuz MS is a new modification of the Soyuz TMA-M spacecraft. The update significantly affected almost every system of the manned spacecraft. Presumably, the "Union of MS" is the latest version of the "Union". The spacecraft is used for manned flights until the time when it is replaced by a new-generation Federation spacecraft.

Photo 8

8. 17 March 2017, the launch of the Japanese H-IIA rocket. H-IIA (HRH-Hey) is a one-time Japanese medium-class launch vehicle of the H-II series. It was created specifically for the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. 29 August 2001, a rocket of this type was first launched.

Photo 9

9. 11 April 1970, the successful launch of the Apollo-13. Of the ships flying to the Moon, the only one on which a serious accident occurred in flight. As a result of such an accident, landing on the moon became impossible, and the life of the crew was under threat.

Photo 10

10. David's sling is an Israel Air Defense System's air defense system used to intercept short-range ballistic missiles, as well as large-scale unguided rockets, which has a launch range from 70 to 300 kilometers.

Photo 11

11. Atlas-5 is a one-time, two-stage Atlas family PH that was originally implemented by Lockheed Martin Corporation, and subsequently the United Launch Alliance (a joint company owned by Lockheed Martin and Boeing). Solid fuel boosters for PH Atlas V is developed and manufactured by Aerojet. The cost of launching the Atlas V PH, depending on the version, ranges from 110 to 230 million.

Photo 12

12. Thus, the Soyuz flew into space, if you shoot on long exposure. As a result of the high complexity of creating manned spacecraft, they are only changed by 3 countries - USSR / Russia, China, USA. At the same time, the spacecraft of China largely repeats the spacecraft "Soyuz".

Photo 13

13. Shenzhou-9 - 4 piloting the spacecraft of China. In 18: 37 16 Jun 2012 Beijing time manned spacecraft was launched from the Jiuquan cosmodrome.

Photo 14