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Air flight mode. Basic information

Air flight mode. Basic information


Air flight mode is nothing more than as a collection of various parameters or the type of trajectory of the aircraft. It is worth noting that emit lots of different modes of flight, in particular, are divided according to the type of aircraft belonging to the aircraft - civilian or military. It should be noted that if military aircraft air flight modes can be very diverse depending on the current situation or to achieve goals, the civil aviation everything much easier.


Air flight mode. Take-off and landing.


Despite the fact that the process of take-off and landing of the aircraft is relatively short, these regimes are very complex air flight. The pilots of the aircraft not only need to bring all the parameters of the flight in the required rate, with all they need to clearly communicate with one another, but also hold them for a certain time. More for a long time there was a joke that control the aircraft is not as difficult as the plant it then.



Air take-off mode is characterized by the most complex and dangerous phase of flight of the aircraft. It is necessary to take into account many different parameters. Starting from the installation of engines during takeoff mode, the calculation speed of the decision, according to which in the event of unforeseen circumstances the aircraft can remain within the runways, etc.



Mode air landing aircraft in its complexity is almost identical take-off mode, but here have their own particular regulatory finding height above the runway, the maximum permissible speed of horizontal movement, and other parameters. The very air landing mode lasts usually no more than 10 seconds, but despite that it consists of four basic steps:

  1. Mode air leveling (almost complete reduction of the vertical speed of the aircraft);
  2. Mode air aging (gradual decrease in speed of the aircraft to increase the angle of attack);
  3. Mode air parachuting (decrease the lift of the wing);
  4. Mode air landing (chassis air contacting the surface of the earth).


Air flight mode. Cruising flight



Mode air flight at cruising speed is characterized by the longest phase of the action. This mode air flight is the most simple, as in the process is kept constant horizontal velocity, while the vertical component of the flight may vary. Cruising flight is determined by the air velocity and the coefficient of lift at cruising (climb). This mode air flight is used exclusively for long-distance flight.