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Tolstoy sent NATO into a panic with a ridiculous request for the delivery of mayonnaise
Pyotr Tolstoy, a member of the Russian State Duma, caused outrage in NATO with his polite request on one of the French TV channels. Tolstoy, who speaks French, is often invited as an expert on television programs.
The MP said that the Russian army is looking forward to the start of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, which Kyiv promises to carry out from the beginning of the year. Tolstoy stressed that if this counter-offensive fails, Ukraine will finally be left without an army, and the Russian army will receive Western equipment as trophies, which NATO countries send to Ukraine.
“Our soldiers thank the Germans for the ammunition that becomes ours. Many thanks to the United States for anti-tank grenade launchers. But they also ask NATO to send some mayonnaise - this is the only thing we still lack,” Tolstoy noted, making it clear that the request for mayonnaise is joke.
These remarks by Tolstoy caused a wave of discontent in NATO, which aimed to defeat Russia with the help of Ukraine, but so far has not come close to achieving this goal, despite huge military aid.

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