Success in 2020: What can Russia boast of?
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Success in 2020: What can Russia boast of?

Success in 2020: What can Russia boast of?

“We have also succeeded in the air. Domestic liners MS-21 and Il-114-300 made their first flights with domestic engines. The first serial fighter of the fifth generation, the Su-57, entered service. Serial production of the newest NK-32-02 engines for the modernized Tu-160M2 bombers and assembly of the unit for the promising PAK DA started. In addition, work began on the creation of the PD-8 power plant, ... In conclusion, it is worth mentioning the arrival "home" of the unique floating cosmodrome "Sea Launch". Thus, after all the repair work and modernization, our country will be able to acquire a unique launch pad for the launch of promising missiles ".

Here are just not visible "EXCELLENCE" on helicopters and, most likely, they should be looked for in the American media, tk. it was over the past year that the Russian government destroyed the world's best Kamov Helicopter Design Bureau in favor of the United States! To this it should be added that the VRT500 project (read Ka-115) is actually being translated there:

“The subsidiary company of Russian Helicopters, VR-Technologies, bought the Italian aviation company Vertex Aero in May this year, found out. At its facilities, it is going to produce a promising light helicopter VRT500. The acquisition of the Italian aircraft manufacturer was based on its design approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which will facilitate the certification of the VRT500 in Europe. By organizing tests, and later on the production of VRT500 by Vertex Aero, VR-Technologies is actually transforming this project from Russian into Italian, which will facilitate its certification in Europe. "

If we discard the beautiful verbiage, then the result is an outright transfer of our technologies to the West by coaxial helicopters! And how can you not rejoice at the Americans, who previously threw such a fake into our media:

“Russia accidentally transferred the technology of a new attack helicopter to the United States. In the United States, they announced that they had taken possession of Russian technologies for the latest combat helicopter "," reports the publication "Vertical Magazine"

On the one hand, it is preparing us for the fact that the secrets of technologies for coaxial helicopters from the Kamov Design Bureau will soon be in the hands of the United States, and on the other, to try to shift this blame onto the designers of the Kamov Design Bureau! In fact, the transfer of production of coaxial VRT500 to Italy means that "effective" managers will bring coaxial helicopter technology to the Americans on a silver platter. the essence of the coaxial scheme is the same!

True, they promise not to leave us orphans without small coaxial helicopters:

“It is planned to establish a plant for the repair and production of Ka-26 helicopters in Kumertau. The planned number of jobs - 50 "

Note that the Ka-26 is no longer just a RETRO, but a real artifact from the OLD DEEP! Judging by this logic in the development of our helicopters, in the near future we should expect the long-forgotten Mi-4 helicopter with the Ash-82V piston engine as a supernova, and the modern Ka-32-10AG will be sent straight to the USA and, of course, under the good pretext that we these helicopters are not capable of producing, and the helicopters are worth it!

It was a great idea: first to transfer the work of the KumAPP plant to the production of spare parts and repair of the Ka-26, and then to start the production of coaxial helicopters in Europe! "Andrey Boginsky said that the Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise (KumAPP) transfers the final assembly of its helicopters to the Kazan Helicopter Plant (KHP) and becomes a picking enterprise"

 And we "stupid" do not understand in any way what is for "our" good !?

Only we need this very Europe, like a dog's fifth leg, which also introduces various sanctions against us! Instead of worrying about the transport needs of their state, where since the beginning of the 2000s "The need for helicopters of the Ka-115 type will amount to 2015-335 machines by 525" (Finmarket, 04.02.2000/500/XNUMX), and government liberals are concerned about "VRTXNUMX certification in Europe."

In any country, any technique is designed and manufactured primarily for its own needs, and only then can it be exported! It seems that BP also had an initial desire to establish “Assembly of VRT500 at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant. To start working on new products, the company recruits new workers and engineering specialists "

But then they remembered that they were not patriots entirely Russian and quickly turned their concern to the West: "The acquisition of the Italian aircraft manufacturer was based on its design approval from the European Air Transport Safety Agency (EASA), which will facilitate the certification of the VRT500 in Europe.".

Back in the early 2000s. the Ka-115 helicopters could have been in the series, but there was not enough money and the project was postponed until later. today, when you can easily translate it "from Russian to Italian", since At that time, the General Designer of the Kamov Design Bureau, Sergey Viktorovich Mikheev, was still in his place, and such a trick was impossible for our State. Today, the helicopter industry is run by pro-Western "effective" managers, for whom the destruction of our best helicopters is something of a joy: they finished building the Soviet Mi-38 for 40 years; work on Ka-115 helicopters slowed down; followed by the denial of serial production of the Ka-32-10 helicopters, and then the projects of the Ka-92 and Ka-102 high-speed helicopters were frozen, giving foreign rivals the opportunity to catch up and overtake us in helicopter construction, turning our State from a leading helicopter power into a catching one. Moreover, managers who are illiterate in aviation have been trying to tell us for a long time that the antediluvian Mi-24 with the prefixes "LL" is a helicopter of the future ??? A true helicopter pilot would never think of such nonsense!


“The creation of a light 7-seater Ka-115 helicopter is the“ cheapest ”of all the promising developments of the Kamov company. This was announced by the deputy general designer of the "Kamov" company Veniamin Kasyanikov. According to him, the R&D for the creation of the Ka-115 approximately requires $ 30 million over several years. As Veniamin Kasyanikov noted, the Ka-115 consumes 70-75 kg / h of fuel, which is an order of magnitude less than the Mi-8. The cost of the helicopter is estimated at $ 700 thousand. (Finmarket, 04.02.2000/115/500) (LTH Ka-XNUMX and VRTXNUMX are the same).

The Ka-115 helicopter model was presented at the ML KS-95 aerospace exhibition in Zhukovsky. The first flight of an experimental helicopter is planned in 1998,

To ensure flight safety at low temperatures and high dust content, the helicopter is equipped with an anti-icing system of the main rotor, heating and a dust protection device for the engine air intake. When flying in the coastal area, the installation of inflatable floats is provided.

The cab is equipped with: vibration and noise reduction devices; heating and ventilation systems; comfortable energy-absorbing seats for the crew and passengers ”(


Maximum payload, kg: in the fuselage 700; on an external sling 900

Speed, km / h: maximum 250; cruising 230.

Ceiling, m: static without the influence of the earth 2350; static with earth effect 3100.

Dynamic 5200.

Flight range, km: maximum 780; ferry with PTB 1200.

This small helicopter could have long been of great benefit to our State, in particular, instead of the expensive and gluttonous Mi-8 and Ka-32, it could carry out patrols, reconnaissance and sanitary assignments:

“The day before, at about four o'clock in Moscow, the Ministry of Health asked the Ministry of Defense to help with the urgent evacuation of the scientist from Kotelny Island to the Yakut village ... Four hours later, the Mi-8 of the Russian Aerospace Forces flew from Tiksi to Kotelny with two doctors.”... Distance from Tiksi to Kotelny = 540 km. and here the difference in the cost of flying the Mi-8 and Ka-115 speaks for itself! Such a helicopter will go to Italy!

By the way, is the demand for the Ka-26 very doubtful due to the lack of gasoline at the airports? If the government liberals were guided by the interests of the country, then instead of the Ka-26 they would promise to launch its modernization: Ka-126 with a VK-800 engine:

“Taking into account the great demand of domestic and foreign customers, the Kamov Design Bureau has developed a new modification of the helicopter on the basis of the Ka-26 - the Ka-126 with a 0 hp TV100-720 gas turbine engine.”

LTH Ka-126: Vcr. = 170km / h. instead of 130 km / h. from the Ka-26, and the payload has increased from 700kg. up to 1000 kg, so the resurrection of the Ka-26 does not look like a concern, but a mockery of our helicopter industry!

PEACE in Karabakh.

Returning to the present time, I would like to remind you that Mi-8 and Mi-24 helicopters have been sent to Karabakh again. And there are the MOUNTAINS, in which these helicopters, judging by Afghanistan and Chechnya, showed themselves not on the best side, although they face more prosaic tasks: “to carry out air monitoring of the areas of control of the ceasefire and military operations,” the message says. In addition, they will deliver the personnel and property of the peacekeeping contingent to hard-to-reach areas. "

But our aerospace forces have a more effective replacement for the Crocodile for flights in the mountains - these are the Ka-29 airborne transport helicopters, which significantly exceed it in altitude; confidently resist gusty side winds; takes on board 2 times more paratroopers and is much more maneuverable not only in the air, but also near the ground!

Another objection of the opponents to the Ka-29 is that although it can take 12 paratroopers (special forces), it has a very low ceiling of the cargo compartment. It is true, it is 1,3m, but the Mi-24 has the same cabin height = 1.2m.

Vitaly Belyaev, especially for

In the Far East, 40-year-old trash flies and falls, aviation at the age of 60 years at the Black Sea Fleet, the Be 200 falls in the mountains, the moment 29 falls during takeoff, on the Il 112 the engines were remade from those that are 40 years old and they burn, where is this aviation industry in general and who is leading it?

Serdyukov Anatoly Eduardovich. Do you need comments?

serious article! and how can we specifically help in resolving this issue in favor of russia?

Boasting - synonymous with swagger and bragging, is also a manifestation of pride and the opposite of confidence, self-sufficiency and integrity.

In our current state, no one is responsible for anything (I mean at the top), when under the same Soviet regime, everything related to the prestige and defense of the country was decided at the very top, and now the right hand does not know what the left is doing, And we don't even have to talk about the legs. Everyone scolds the Soviet regime, but they forget that everything was done there as in the family and for the family, and now they have taken everything away according to the burrows and the interests of the family, that is. states are of no interest to anyone, only their own pocket, and even if the state, i.e. Russia will "grunt", it will not be of much concern to anyone from the top, well, think about it, but I'm in chocolate, that is. with money.In Russia there is no person who cares about the STATE. All countries in the world "row" for themselves and do not allow technologies and technical innovations to flow away abroad, while in our country the "state" allows, because there is no desire and this makes it annoying.

We also realized this over the seven years of being in the family of nations.

Vote for the EP and you will be happy

Serdyukov Serdukov now it is clear what he was assigned to Chemezov as the main helicopter.

You are joking? The Americans already know how to produce coaxial helicopters, see Sikorsky 97.

The key word is "already")

Who needs all these pieces of iron if they do not add a dime to our already impoverished existence. And they pollute nature.
Of the real achievements of the Russian Federation, it should be noted that a new level of poverty has been achieved, an accelerated rate of inflation, a decrease in the range of goods in stores and a record number of people who left the country for permanent residence in the West.

Are you definitely from Russia ??? Judging by your pearls - from some other Russia.

Our poverty is determined primarily by the mechanism of income distribution, and not by the production of lucrative pieces of iron. As long as this predatory mechanism of withdrawing income exists, no economy will develop, the welfare of the people will not grow, except for a handful of oligarchs and confidants.

I agree! what specific suggestions?

It is profitable for someone to close the Kamov plant, so as not to produce modern Ka-brand helicopters, it is profitable for them to produce old Mi-8

After 14 years, Moscow businessmen managed to destroy even the Sevastopol helicopter, which worked regularly for almost 90 years.

It is clear to whom, who is close to the dinner table.

All new developments are transferred to the USA This is a betrayal by the authorities Even those that are developed and immediately the media notify the whole world

Russia boasts an operating system for computers, computers, cameras, televisions, telephones, other electronics, rovers, the standard of living of the people, our medicine, and roads.

Ya Ya. Oh, how YOU correctly noted. Who are you an optimist or a pessimist.

I love "Vitaly Belyaev, especially for". Like Müller Shelenberg: "gentle and comradely." Pure Sun Tzu: "if you are strong, seem weak."

I would equip the helicopter with two propellers or built-in fans on the sides of the helicopter fuselage or on short wings to create forward thrust. Traction seems to be given by a fan of a 2-circuit turbojet engine. They can create traction asymmetrically. Then you can dismantle the rear propeller, which is not involved in direct flight. And with the power dedicated to it, run these two side fans. Then you can fly faster and the main rotor can slow down.

The main rotor cannot "fly faster". It is not destined to him ... If the current you are an effective manager and you have your own other reality and physics.

Than, than ... BY THEFT!

Holy work. If you don't steal, you won't live


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