Yakutia Airlines Jobs
Yakutia Airlines Jobs

Yakutia Airlines Jobs


"Yakutia" airline It has a large enough credibility in the market transport of passengers in the territory of the Russian Federation. The company is engaged in regular and charter transport of passengers in the middle of the country and abroad. "Yakutia" has a hub at Vnukovo International Airport, which is located in the capital of our country. The first aircraft of this company started to make flights at the beginning of the year 2003. At all stages of development, the company constantly demanded and demands new professionals for better and more comfortable travel.

In "Yakutia" airline's fleet is currently at 15 aircraft of various models. This means that for a large number of service personnel is required. That is why the airline has a number of vacancies.

The main job of airline "Yakutia", and personnel requirements

  • Manager of Revenue

Must have a college degree, it is desirable that it was economic. You also need experience in this field from one year. It is imperative knowledge of foreign languages, namely English. Also an important factor is the skill of working with computers. This employee must have a good command of new automated systems for booking. Since this vacancy involves close communication with the people, the future employee should be sociable and have developed analytical thinking.

Yakutia Airlines Jobs

When a worker has to know almost all the information on the direction of flight as a given company, and competing firms. Each manager is assigned one of the areas on which he will work in the future. For this it is necessary to study the demand for this direction, as well as the need to organize the work program, which is responsible for revenue management. In turn, the airline takes on the probationary employee rows, thus provides a full benefits package.

  • Dispatcher Center for Mission Control

For this vacancy, we recruit specialists between the ages of 23 and up to 40 years. The employee must have a higher or special education in the technical field, or even better, an aviation one. It is necessary to be fluent in the skills of working with a personal computer, namely with programs of the MS Office system and Internet browsers. The candidate has advantages in working with GraFlite, AFTN and SITA. Also an important advantage is the knowledge of the basic principles of filing and compiling the FPL. Knowledge of the languages ​​for this vacancy remains very relevant. Anyone wishing to take this vacancy with experience in civilian flights will have separate advantages.

Besides all this, it is required communicative and stress employee who is responsible attitude to work. Position provides for the coordination of all airline services, which will properly prepare for the flight. Manager also manages all the processes that are associated with the flight, namely the preparation of flight plans in CFP format and a complete analysis of the weather conditions. In turn, the airline offers a full benefits package at full employment and shift work schedule.

Exactly the same requirements for the vacancy of the security manager, who also works in the center of flights. The main differences are the requirements for the position held. The main task is to communicate with foreign aviation companies and authorities of the states on the permission of flights and landing of air liners of the airline "Yakutia" on their airfields. Also, you need to keep a careful record of all flights and compile reports on these data. The duties of this controller include the recording of all accounts and payments for services. The employee is provided with two days off and a social package, it is also worth noting worthy payment for this work.

Yakutia Airlines Jobs

The airline "Yakutia" there is a vacancy aircraft. To obtain this position, the employee must be at least twenty years and thus have a higher or specialized secondary education on the profile and V1 V2. It provides for tolerance to the aircraft such as the "Superjet" produced by Sukhoi and Antonov-24. You need to know the basic documents for the General Assembly regulations. The advantage is the knowledge of the English language and the ability to freely use the computer. Aircraft technicians will continue to serve the above airliners.

"Yakutia" is recruiting employees in other specialties.

The flight attendant duties will include ensuring the safety of the flight and passenger service on the airline's flights.
Yakutia imply special requirements for candidates. Young people must have citizenship of the Republic of Belarus or the Russian Federation. Age limits fluctuate between 19 and 30 years. If you have experience in a similar position, then age limits range from 20 to 35 years. Your education should be specialized secondary. 

For girls exhibited the following requirements:

  • - An increase of up to 160 175 cm;
  • - Clothing size to 46-th. 

Requirements for boys:

  • - An increase of up to 170 185 cm;
  • - Clothing size to 54-th.

Hello. I am 31 years old. Not married. Height-160. Clothing size-44-46. Higher education. YAGSHA. There are no bad habits. STRESS-resistant, easy-to-learn. I dream of working with your airline. ct.89141089411.natalia110388 @ icloud.com

Good afternoon!
Please look at my candidacy for the position of flight attendant.
Full year: 25
Height: 166
Weight: 57
Dress size: 46
I have no bad habits. There are no scars and tattoos on the body.
Interests / hobbies: I write and sing songs in the studio. Sport
Relationship status: Single.
Education: full higher.
Knowledge of English: Intermediate
-stress resistance
-easy to learn
Place of residence: Krasnodar, ready to move!
Mobile phone: + 79184631408
E-mail: alenka.umanec29@mail.ru
I want to work in a large and stable company.
I want to get new skills and knowledge.

Age: 26 years
Height: 172 see
Dress size: 44
Position: Flight attendant
Education: higher (economic)
Extras. information:
• Stress resistance
• Discipline
• Sociability

Tel: 89241787085

Job seeker Flight attendant
Citizenship of the Russian Federation
Higher economic education
Availability of the certificate "Fundamentals of the Flight Attendant's work" on the basis of the CHU AEROSKUL school
Presence of the certificate "Initial training in safety" (Moscow)
growth 167
Weight 51, clothing size 42
Responsibility, punctuality, goodwill, ability to work in a team, the desire to develop in the field of aviation.
I live in the city of Krasnodar, ready to move.

Gabyshev Maxim Timofeevich 20.12.1994 R.
Years 23
Citizen of the Russian Federation Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
Education School
I own PC confidently, soft
Easy to learn, punctual, calm.
growth 176
Weight 62

Competition for the position of flight attendant.
Education: liberal arts college at KGUFKST, specialty Tourism Manager. Additional education ChU DPO School of flight attendants.
About me - responsible, competent, sociable, stress-resistant, punctual. Place of residence - the city of Krasnodar, ready to move!

Date of birth: 22 December 1997 years (20 years)
Height: 160 Weight: 54 Clothing size: 44
Address: KhMAO-Yugra, Nizhnevartovsk
Actual address: St. Petersburg
Phone: 8 (950) 525 - 22 - 86
Relationship status: Single
E-mail: basarabam@bk.ru

Personal qualities:
Active and motivated;
Always results oriented;
I am sociable, I easily get new acquaintances;
I am able to work in a team;
I have organizational skills, business communication skills, drafting of project documentation and personnel management.

Desired salary: from 40 000 руб.
Ready to move to another city and frequent business trips.
Recommendations: ready to provide on demand.

Good afternoon!
Please consider me as a candidate for the vacancy flight attendant.
Full year: 22
Height: 162
Weight: 57
Dress size: 42-44
I have no bad habits. There are no scars and tattoos on the body.
Interests / hobbies: dance, sports.
Relationship status: Single
Education: secondary special
Knowledge of English: Intermediate
-stress resistance
-easy to learn
Mobile phone: 89246639343
E-mail: belokon.olesya96@mail.ru
I want to work in a large and stable company. I want to get new skills and knowledge.

Good afternoon!
Please consider me as a candidate for the vacancy flight attendant.
Full year: 20
Height: 160
Weight: 58
Dress size: 42-44
I have no bad habits. There are no scars and tattoos on the body.
Interests / hobbies: Music, theater, dance, sports.
Marital status: Single, no children.
Education: Secondary special.
Name of educational institution: St. Petersburg Aviation and Transport College of Civil Aviation.
Specialty / Occupation: Passenger transportation service.
Knowledge of English: Intermediate
-stress resistance
-easy to learn
Mobile phone: 89111186517
E-mail: lapitskaya97@inbox.ru
I want to work in a large and stable company. I want to get new skills and knowledge.

E. E-mail: grif-ez@mail.ru
Phone + 7-953-069-2358
Date of birth - 23.10.1985
Height - 181
Weight - 70
Marital status: single, no children
Bad habits are absent
The city of residence is Krasnodar (the address by registration is the same as the actual one)
Education: Higher (Novosibirsk State Technical University, graduated in 2008 year)
Engl. language: pre-intermediate
Specialty: engineer-designer (experience - 10 years):
Passport - there is
No previous convictions

• Military rank: Lieutenant (in reserve).
• Sports hobbies: swimming, athletics, cycling, table tennis.
• Punctuality, responsibility, sociability, purposefulness, learning ability, desire to work and earn.


Was born in Tashkent, now I live in the city of Sochi
Salary: from 40000 Rub.
Work experience: In aviation, I'm new, with no work experience
Experience in other areas is available
Name of organization: Euroset-retail LLC
Position: Seller-consultant
Education: Secondary
Document: Passport of a Russian citizen
Schedule of work: Full-time
Female gender

More about education:
Education: Secondary
Ending: 2016year.
She studied at the Faculty of Tourism Service and Sport, which I consider to be a huge experience in the service sector
Also for self-development, at school, I studied at the section "Ministry of Emergencies, where we were taught a lot, but in particular medicine
and behavior in emergency situations (knowledge of TP signs, orientation)
Currently I get a higher education in Sochi on the correspondence department
Language Proficiency: English
Level: intermediate
At the moment I am studying at the Sochi State University,
specializing in advertising and public relations

Additional Information:
I consider myself a conscientious person, reliable and responsible, I love order and accuracy in everything.
Since childhood, I dream of becoming a flight attendant
I work on myself physically and mentally, because perfection has no limit.
Out of the lack I can single out: Needless to require. and Not the ability to deny people
And since I'm very positive and cheerful
First of all, it seems to me that this is a very interesting specialty. After all, I will have many wonderful opportunities to see the world. The culture of different countries, their lives, it's incredibly interesting for me.
Besides, it will help me to improve myself. I will learn something new every day. Improve your English, it is possible to learn new languages. The stewardess always looks after herself, and looks good, because this is the dress code of the profession, and this is another plus.
These are just a few of the main advantages in this profession, but there are still a lot of them. So, I am quite sure of this choice, my family supports me too. And I will try to make my dream come true, and become a real professional stewardess.

Contact Information:
Телефон: 8(928)455-86-85
e-mail: Deli-1998z@mail.ru

With respect to Adek Bektayev.

Hello. I want to become a flight attendant. the growth of 170, the size of 46, Alerada13@gmail.com Education is higher, not married, no children, I live in Yakutsk, Russian citizenship

Hello . I'm interested in vacancies Aircraft for me 29ilet citizen Tajikistan. Married children are. Higher technical education in an aviation university. I know English. Contact Watsapp + 992915858257 ... + 992939916722 ... hugh.767@mail.ru

Name: Zhakova Ivanovna Igorevna
Contact phone number: 8 (922) 795-06-00
Email: Bronislavovnai@mail.ru
Date of Birth: 19.02.1998
My height: 1.66
My weight: 62
Marital status: Single, no children.
Bad habits: No
Address by residence: City of Nizhnevartovsk, Settlement Divny, Street Youth House 3, Flat 8
Actual address: City of Tyumen, Latitude 193, apartment 11.
Education: Secondary vocational education,
Year of graduation: 2017. Correspondence form of training.
Name of educational institution: Nizhnevartovsk Building College.
Specialty: Construction of buildings and structures.
English: Elementary.
Work experience: 2 year,
In the period: from 25.07.2014 to 30.08.16. hairdresser "Marafet", master of nail service.
Presence of relatives of friends of working UTair airlines: no
There is no previous conviction, there is a certificate of non-conviction.

I have a medical report from the XENKX VLEX, from 2 to 24.03.2016
At the moment I am training according to the program of initial preparation of flight attendants at NP NPP (Non-Profit Partnership Personnel Training Center) Uteir airline.
The city of Tyumen.

Hello. I'm interested in the vacancy of a plumber. I'm 27 years old, 175 growth, 42 clothing size, model appearance. Not married, no children. There are no bad habits. Stress-resistance, learning ability, responsible, benevolence. Knowledge of the English language at the intermediate level, training in the process. I live in the RS (SAHA) of Yakutia, the city of Neryungri. I want to work in your company. Contact phone: 89143064926 E-mail: valechka.manokhina@mail.ru

Hello! I 22 year, the growth of 175, clothing size 42-44, single, no children. Without / / n. Higher education. There is experience in the service sector-4,5 year (waitress). I'm fond of sports: volleyball and athletics. Stress-resistant, easy to learn, responsible, sociable. I speak Yakut Russian and English on a conversational level. Pleasant appearance. I dream to work in your airline. venerantonova@mail.ru c / t 89969150445

Hello, I'm 35let.Not married, an adult son, the growth of 160, the weight of 57, the size of the 46 clothing. Higher education, stress resistance, learning ability, work ability. 89248620889

Hello, I'm 22 years old. Not married, no children. Height 162 cm, weight 48, clothing size 42.Education: higher, additional higher education. Knowledge of languages: Russian, Yakut - free. Basic English. Asian appearance, without bad habits. The official work experience is available.SoTel 89969151730

Hello, I'm 21 year old. Not married, no children. Growth 169, weight 54kg, clothing size 42-44. Attractive Slavic appearance. Education is a secondary special-tech aerodrome service. English medium. the existence of rights B, C. Without bad habbits. Hardworking. There are no problems with health. lina_96-96@mail.ru 89149592030

Hello, I 22 year, the growth of 160 weight 52, clothing size 42-44, the appearance is pleasant and interesting. I have 2 specialized secondary education, dental hygienist, and the organization of air transportation and air transport management (aviation). In addition: the availability of rights in the list, there is a car. Knowledge of English is basic, but in the process of studying. Originally from Chukotka, I live at the moment in the city of Khabarovsk. VLEK will pass with ease, because I have no health problems. Yustina2010@mail.ru 89098080642

Hello. My name is Olga. I'm 23 years old. The growth of 174. Size of clothes 42. Single. No children. Without bad habbits. By nationality Buryat. Higher education. I know Buryat and Russian well. English basic level can quickly learn. Workable. Stesoustoychevaya. Tel.89142374814. I live in Yakutsk.

Hello, I'm interested in the vacancy of the stewardess. Me - 26 years, growth - 160, clothing size - 40-42. Education - a teacher of foreign languages ​​(the presence of two crd.diplomas). I sent the questionnaire to Moscow, Aeroflot invited me to an interview. Unfortunately, there was no financial opportunity (long training was required in Moscow).
There is a great desire to work for you. Without bad habbits.
Container: 89659962190

Hello! I wish to work as a stewardess in an airline. 24 years. Height-160, clothing size-40-42. Higher legal education. Not married, no children. Stress-resistant, mobile, responsible, competent speech, there is an experience of working with clients. C / t 89142611705 el. mail saaasha_vin@mail.ru

Hello, I am interested in the vacancy of the manager of the income department. About myself: 28 years old. Education: higher (philologist of foreign languages). Fluency in English, spoken French. I have a diploma of professional retraining in the specialty "Jurisprudence". At the moment I am finishing my master's degree in "Regional Economics". contact phone 89644186456, marianna0888@mail.ru

Hello, I am interested in the vacancy of a flight attendant, I am 25 years old, height 175, clothing size 50. Higher education "radio engineer", as well as secondary special "technician". There is experience in working on information protection in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 1 year experience, without a / p, easy to train, punctual, stress-resistant, live in Yakutsk
Contact: 89841174592

I am glad to welcome you! I really want to work in your company. Interested in the position of a flight attendant. I am 27 years old. Height 170, clothing size 42. Higher education, specialty "psychology". Has experience in the service sector - 3 years (waiter). I am fond of sports - martial arts, swimming. Without a / p. Fast learner. I have been living in Moscow for a year now. The only "but" is that I am from Donbass (respectively, I am not a citizen of the Russian Federation), but Article 56, Clause 5.1 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation states the following: "5. The flight crew of a civil aircraft of a Russian legal entity or individual entrepreneur who carry out commercial air transportation, perform aviation work, foreign citizens may enter in the following cases:
1) training a foreign citizen in order to obtain permission for him to work as a member of the flight crew of a civil aircraft, provided that other members of the flight crew of a civil aircraft are citizens of the Russian Federation. "Can you please tell me if I can count on training and employment in your company? Email: For.info-14@yandex.ru

Hello! There is a great desire to work in your airline flight attendant. About itself: 26 years, growth 165, clothing size 40-42. Easy-to-learn, attentive, responsible, stress-resistant. I have 2 higher diploma and 1 is a secondary specialty in economics, financier and manager. Work experience with people. Without bad habbits.
I live in the city of Yakutsk
Контактные данные: 8-984-107-55-70 Avivi91@mail.ru

Hello. Interested vacancy (flight attendant), 20 years, growth 169sm, size 42, easy to learn, responsible, pleasant Asian appearance, punctual, fluency in Yakut and Russian, Higher technical education (I study), live in Yakutsk. Tel: 89142657212

Interested in the position of flight attendant in Krasnodar. I passed successful initial training, received a certificate, by education a linguist, an interpreter. I speak 2 in foreign languages: English and German. 32 year, married, two children. I dream to work in your airline. 89890877707 Ovchinikovakate@mail.ru

Good afternoon! Interested vacancy flight attendant. 30 years, 155 growth, clothing size 42. Without bad habbits. The average level of English. Higher engineering education. I live in Yakutsk. 89679257118

Good afternoon! Interested vacancy stewardess, about myself: I have a higher economic education, growth 165, clothing size 42, stress-resistant, easy to learn, communicative, work experience with people, knowledge of the language: Yakut Russian is fluent, English - pelvic level at the stage of improvement. Cont. Number 89246628865

Hello! I'm looking for a position in Flight attendant inside the Republic of Sakha. About itself: 28 years, growth 162 see, size 44, two higher educations, I have a diploma of a philologist and psychologist. Easy to learn, responsible, sociable, sociable. I speak Yakut, Russian, Altaic, Turkish and English at a conversational level. Pleasant appearance. Goreevataya88@gmail.com

Hello, I want to work in your company as flight attendant. About 31Year, the growth of 162cm the size of clothes 44 is a medium-special education. Easy-to-learn, stress-resistant, attentive, communicative. Mastering English at the average level, but will improve. Can you have training courses? Let me know please, just really want any information. Contacts: 89241767675 Mail Annayanigina@mail.ru

Hello. Interested in a flight attendant vacancy. I am 28 years old, Yakut, height -162 cm, clothing size 42, higher education in the specialty "Foreign language". Contact details: 89142556529

Hello, I am interested in the vacancy of a flight attendant. About me: 26 years old, specialized secondary education in the specialty: "air transport service" in St. Petersburg. Height: 155cm, clothing size: 42. Knowledge of English, Korean at a basic level. Stress-resistant, striving for learning, active life position, sociable, experience of working with people.
Contacts: 89650248698, Tataraita@mail.ru

Good afternoon, the flight attendant's vacancy interests. About me: girl, 18 years, yakut, size 40-42, growth 167, responsible, sociable, easily trained, stress-resistant, pleasant appearance, benevolent, knowledge of the English basic level will improve. Would be glad to work swami. Since childhood, I dreamed of becoming a flight attendant.
The way of communication with me - tel. 89644277743.

31 year, higher education, linguist, 2 language: English, German, I study at flight attendant school in Krasnodar, is sociable, stress-resistant, attractive, full of desire to work in your airline flight attendant in Krasnodar. Tel. 89890877707

Good afternoon. Tell me, please, the possibility of finding employment in your organization for the flight attendant. 28 years, growth162, clothing size- 42, two higher educations, level of English - intermediate-intermediate. There are bad habits, but I'm working on myself. Method of communication- email- Lyubkin@bk.ru, Tel. + 79183377451

Hello, I'm 22 year old, 50 clothing size, 176 cm growth, a student graduating from the University with a specialization in Tourism, knowledge of English speaking (Intermediate) .Please tell me about the possibility of finding a job in your airline, as flight attendant. I am a working young man, ready to work, without bad habits (I do not drink, I do not smoke) I lead a healthy lifestyle, I do creative activity. Contact data:Email-Mynameisilya1994@gmail.com , Tel: + 7 999-793-8305

Good afternoon. Tell me, please, the possibility of employment in your organization as flight attendant. 28 years, growth162, two higher educations, the level of English is upper-intermediate. There are bad habits, but I'm working on myself. Method of communication- email- Lyubkin@bk.ru, Tel. + 79183377451

Hello, I'm interested in the vacancy of the flight attendant. About me: 25 years, the higher education of a philologist, I speak English perfectly. Responsible, sociable, easy to learn. Height: 160, clothing size: 44. Contact phone: 89148289377

Hello, I want to get to your post of flight attendant! Age 25, 1,77 growth. Knowledge of English at the level of school programs. Secondary medical education. 6 years in medicine. Responsible, easy to teach, patient, stressoustoychiv. Without bad habbits. I live in the city of Neryungri.
E-Mail: Vladlogachik@gmail.com
Phone: 89241717168

Guest November 27 2016 to 20: 48
Hello ! Interested vacancy flight attendant, I 25, growth: 160, clothing size: 42, pleasant appearance. Knowledge of English-medium, without bad habits. Legkoobuchaemaya, responsible, friendly, stress.
KT 89245979717
e-mail: anzhelakorobanova@mail.ru

Good afternoon. Very interested in the work of flight attendants. Briefly about myself: I was born in Vorkuta Komi Republic 25.11.1986g.r. Higher education, engineer, Safety and Occupational bezopastnosti.Rost 167, clothing size 40-42, slender, sahalyarka. Russian, Yakut own to perfection. Hard work, perseverance, stress, easily trained, punctuality. I would be glad if you contact with me. 89142209914 contact data.

I am a flight attendant job. I live on Sakhalin. I have the certificate of initial training of flight attendants for domestic and international flights
on aircraft BC Boeing 737 / 600 / 700 / 800 / 900
e-mail: Elena.Sitchihina@gmail.com
Tel: 89140940575

Hello, I want to work in your company steward, English svob.voadeyu), Russian, Yakut, stress, hard-working, legkoobuchaemya, polite, without bad habits, height:? 1,75, size: 42. KT 89841137208

Hello! There is a great desire to work in your company bortprovodnikom.Prozhivayu in Moscow. Experience in service and trade, work on the head. My height 165, 47 weight, 40 size. The friendly, sociable, stress, responsible, legkoobuchaemaya. Languages: German (with a dictionary) Kont.t. 8-985-461-17-29

Good day! I want to work in your airline flight attendant. I 29 years, growth 167, 42 clothing size. Responsibility, punctuality. good health. Languages: English, Chinese, Russian, Yakutsk. contact phone number: 89841061977, i_gavrileva@mail.ru

Hello, I want to work in your company steward, tel 89142861202

Hello ! Interested vacancy flight attendant, I 21, growth: 165, clothing size: 42, pleasant appearance. Knowledge of English-medium, fluent in Russian and Yakut yazykami.bez bad habits. Legkoobuchaemaya, responsible, friendly, always positive.
KT 89245968174