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Mi-24. History.

Helicopter Mi-24. A photo. Characteristics. History. 



In 1968 year Mil Design Bureau received the installation of the Communist Party on the establishment of a better quality of the helicopter, which became the Mi-24. A year has already been made 2 prototype. The basis of the new helicopter all the advantages of previous models were taken.

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E-24 characteristics

The history of the helicopter Mi-24


The first copy had a cabin, which was two places, it was equipped with dual controls. For a normal flight crew should consist of a pilot and the operator, and in the further development of the crew has been added yet mechanic. As for the cargo compartment, the first model it was designed only 8 people. The helicopter was equipped with two doors on the sides of the cargo compartment. The windows pivot systems were installed that allow paratroopers to fire personal weapons while flying.

The first prototypes of this model helicopters had little armor, it was mainly represented by the armored windshield and armored bonnet. It is for these reasons that the pilots first Mi-24 fitted with bullet-proof vests and armored helmets.

Mi-24 3434

During the development of the helicopter, the "Sturm" system was still not ready, so the first units were equipped with an armament system from the Mi-4 helicopter, which had a manual control system. Factory tests Mi-24 began in September 1969 year, and immediately produced ten helicopters. At the end of 1970, the experimental models were modified for stability, and they extended the cabin. It was in this form that the first Mi-24 machines were delivered to the troops. This helicopter model was manufactured in Arsenyev, about 250 helicopters were assembled. These machines came to the troops, they were used mostly by paratroopers.

Mi-24 received a new machine gun, which produces 4500 shots per minute. A new missile system was installed under the name of "Phalange-P". The final fine-tuning of the machine was stopped to introduce fundamentally new qualitative changes. First, the cockpit was changed. She was now a tandem. To improve the flight characteristics and control, a helical rotor was used from the Mi-14 helicopter. The steering screw was pushing, but replaced with a pulling screw. The complete revamp of the Mi-24 helicopter took about eight years. Only from the 1976 year, Mi-24 began to enter the arsenal of troops, but quite massively.


The design of the Mi-24


Mi-24 made in the classical scheme for single-rotor machine. It is equipped with a main propeller which has five blades and the tail rotor, which consists of three blades. The blades are made of aluminum alloy. They are equipped with a system that notifies the cracks and faults in the blades. Main helicopter rotor is tilted forward almost 5%, but other than that, it is still tilted to the right side almost 3%. This is done to improve helicopter stability in straight flight.

The big feature of this helicopter are the wings, which have an area of ​​6,75 m² and a negative structure of the V-12. This design gives the wing lift in 22-28 percent. helicopter chassis consists of three pillars, which are cleaned and the front support can be controlled in ground conditions.

Mi-24 photo

The crew cabin is located in the bow of the car, and it is tandem. The operator is in front, in the bow cabin. Behind him a little higher (for better visibility when flying) is the cockpit of the pilot, and the flight mechanic is placed in the equipment compartment, in which the folding chair is fastened. The crew cabins are completely sealed and have a ventilation and heating system. Moreover, the microclimate of the cabin has a pressure slightly higher than outside the helicopter. This is done so that dust or contaminated air can not enter the helicopter. The cockpit and some parts of the fuselage are equipped with armored plates. From the armor, the windshields of the crew and the back of the seats are also made.

The power plant of the machine is represented by two engines TVZ model, they are connected to one power plant with the help of the gear. Two engines provide the power of 4,4 thousand horsepower. engine model data further allow the installation of the air intakes, as well as devices that shield the exhaust.

Fuel is supplied by four tanks with a total capacity in liters 2130. Possible to install additional tanks in the middle of the helicopter and on the pylons of wings.

Transmission is exactly the same as installed on the helicopter Mi-8. Transmission and engine are armored protection from enemy shells. hydraulic work is aimed at ensuring control helicopter. But there is a support system, which is responsible for the landing gear and cleaning.

Mi-24 2 photo

The helicopter of this model exists and air system, whose task is to provide air-conditioning the cabin of the helicopter, and support the work of the brake system on wheels. Due to the air-conditioning system can produce flight crew at temperatures from minus to plus 50 37 degrees. With the help of the oxygen system can produce a helicopter flying at low oxygen content in the air at altitudes of more than three kilometers.

All electrical equipment on board the machine is powered by DC current in 27. Power is supplied by the two generators, which are located on the power plant. In addition, Mi-24 helicopter is equipped with two batteries.

Due to high-quality navigation equipment, piloting can be carried out at any time of the day and in bad meteorological conditions. The helicopter is equipped with an autopilot and automatic control system of the automatic control system, which performs automatic calculation of roll and pitch. With the help of radio compasses installed on board the machine, it is possible to determine the height and angle of the helicopter's demolition. The crew has communications equipment, which is represented by a VHF radio and the "Karat" system. The helicopter also has a warning system for danger and malfunctions, it is based on voice messages. In addition, each pilot has his own search radio station.


The modifications of the Mi-24


In all the years of manufacture has been created a large number of helicopters Mi-24 with special abilities and varied layout. The most common model is the production version of the Mi-24A, it was produced by a 1971 1973 year. It was built more than 250 units. It differs from its counterparts in that the tail rotor is located on the right side.

educational model helicopters Mi-24 in small amounts were built. In a single copy exists minesweeper, which was manufactured in 74 year on the basis of the military version of the helicopter but without weapons.

Helicopters with a tandem cabin made from the 73 77 for years and had the name Mi-24D, they are more than 600 units were produced. This helicopter is exported to other countries, while it had a slightly different packaging equipment.

The most popular model was the modification of the helicopter Mi-24V, or as it is called, "the product 242». This machine is available for up to 10 years 1986 years. And more than a thousand of these helicopters were produced during this time. It was a military vehicle that was on board weapons "Storm" system, and precision guidance system "Rainbow". In addition to production models, which are many, there are also podseriynye.

Mi-24 4545

On the world market the Mi-24 have good credibility, so it has been exported to many countries around the globe, but the export version of this helicopter was called Mi-35.

Among the military there are many kinds of models of reconnaissance helicopters and spotter helicopters. These machines are equipped with modern digital complexes "Ruta" and special aerial cameras, which oversee and monitor the earth's surface. Planned production of anti-helicopter, but the project was stopped by the personal order of ML Mile.

To date, the best and highest quality are the units that are produced jointly by South Africa and the Russian companies, such as the "Rostvertol" and ATE. On these machines the newest communication and navigation equipment to NATO standards. Has been completely redesigned main screw and held a high-quality alignment of the device, in addition, it has been changed weapons. This type of helicopter Mi-24 has received additional name Super Hind.

The control system and transmission copied from Mi-8. To ensure stability and straight flight propeller shaft has been tilted forward and to the right. But the most important feature of the Mi-24 was the presence of the wing with a total area 6,75 m2 with a negative V-12 degrees. This uniqueness has provided to 28% lifting force.

This helicopter has never happened before. He had a high speed and powerful armament. During the war in Afghanistan, the Mujahideen called him "the devil's chariot," and pilots gave him the nickname "crocodile".

His first baptism of fire took Mi-24 1978 in the year, in the fighting in Somalia, during the conflict with Ethiopia. He proved himself very well, which gave a boost to its mass production in the USSR.


Mi-24 photo

of 24 - 2

In 1979 year the war began in Afghanistan. Soviet tactical air forces assigned to her leading role. As the guerrilla war was, for the smothering resistance Mi-24 approached as an ideal tool.

At the beginning of the war, when the Mujahideen had no means to combat helicopter Mi-24 inflicted pinpoint strikes, carrying paratroopers he accompanied the column. Flied out to night hunting. But with the emergence of anti-aircraft guided missiles they become generally accompany transport aircraft. By the end of the war was lost more than 300 helicopters.

At the same time, the Mi-24 participated in the conflict in the Middle East - Iran - Iraq war. They are used for fire support to troops and patrols. When Iraq invaded Kuwait, the Mi-24 in the fighting did not participate. But Hussein used them to destroy the rebels and Kurdish Shiites in southern Iraq.

Just Mi-24 was involved in a bloody and long war in Chad. They participated in the capture of the capital, N'Djamena, in 1980 year. In the middle of 80-x, these helicopters were involved in the war in Angola, on the side of the communist army against UNITA.

The war in Sierra Leone was not without the participation of these combat vehicles. At the beginning of hostilities, they were controlled by Ukrainian pilots, and by the end of the war, pilots of the peacekeeping contingent. 
Cote Ivoire, Congo, Angola, Uganda, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, this is an incomplete list of countries that have used helicopter gunships Mi-24 for warfare.
In Latin America and Asia to resolve military conflicts also used Mi-24.Oni used the armies of India and Pakistan, Peru and Nicaragua.


Mi-24 photo booths

Salon of 24

In the middle of 90-x, in the civil war in Yugoslavia Mi-24 used VVS Croatia. In 1998 year Serbia applies them to attack the position of Albanians in Kosovo. Against Albanians has involved MI-24 Aviation and Macedonia.
The local conflicts in the CIS Mi-24 worked in Nagorno-Karabakh. Then they participated in conflicts in Georgia, Abkhazia, North and South Ossetia. Well, the greatest work in the territory of the former USSR, the helicopters carried out in Chechnya.
This "devil's chariot" is still one of the best helicopters in the world, recalling the former power of the former USSR.


Modifications Mi-24

Mi-24 - prototype.

Mi-24A - production version.

Mi-24B - the same as the Mi-24A only to mass production has not got. I had some distinctive modification.

Mi-24BMT - also known as "the product 247». This minesweeper based on the Mi-24A the presence of trawling equipment and with the absence of all weapons. It was built 1 instance.

Mi-24U - educational modification.

Mi-24D - the first optimum air war machine. It produces between 1973 1977 of the year (600 helicopters).

Mi-24DU - Study modification of the Mi-24D.

Mi-25 - export Mi-24D. The presence of small changes.

Mi-24V - is the most popular variant Mi-24. For the weapons available machine-gun installation USPU-24 (gun Yak B-12.7), 4 9M114 ATGM "Sturm-V", the guidance system "Raduga-M." Adopted March 29 76 years. For the power of flight engines meet TV3-117V. Produced in the period of 1976 1986 year (built 1000 copies).

Mi-24VP - armed with a gun GSh-23L. In later models, an eight-position APU-4 for the Ataka-V ATGM appeared. They are attached between the tip and the outer pylon. In 1989, Mi-24VP was the only helicopter capable of resisting fighters. In the case of defense against heavily protected and subsonic wagons in the ATGM complex, modernization under the RVV 9M220O was carried out with the possibility to hit the target at a distance of eight kilometers. In case of need, it was necessary to destroy the light or low-risk air unit for the end-to-end APUs with the Igla-S PZRK (72 mm with a range of up to five kilometers). The distinctive ability of the Mi-24VP helicopter is the availability of a modernized PnC along with an updated radio commanding technique for ATGMs. Also there are the ONV-58B and the updated OEPS (infrared target locator). Began to be created in 1989 year. 30 aircraft machines were designed. Mi-35 is an export version of this helicopter.

Mi-24P - the documents listed as the product 243, in the presence of the gun GSH-30K. No gun. Produced since 81 89 of the year.

Mi-24PU1 - the same Mi-24P but of Ukrainian origin. New engines mounted TV3-117VMA-SBM1V-02, set "Adros" CT 01AV (optronic countermeasures), the system of collecting information about the flight BUR-4-1-07. Among other things, the new modernized helicopter gunsight ASP-17VPM-V laser system MTF-01kv, satellite system GPSMAP-695, VHF radio KY-196V, emergency beacons EMU-406AFHM. Helicopter adopted for the Ukrainian Air Force 2012 year.

Mi-24VK-2 / PC-2 - upgraded Mi-24 for export. Update installed avionics (OPS-24NS, GOES-342 and PrVK-24) and KNEI-24.

Mi-24VM - upgraded Mi-24V / P / EP, which had fixed landing gear, X-shaped screw SOEP "Lipa" all-weather avionics, the U-23 (GSH-gun 23L) and upgraded equipment guidance RK.

Mi-24VK-1 / 2 / 1.2 - the same weapons as the Mi-24VP-M. Neukorochennoe wing with suspension at four points. Two of them are located P-64V fifth generation, used for close combat against fighters. The remaining four are located "Pine-In" for the DLC-4.

Mi-24VP-M and Mi-24VP-I - a project of the future deliveries scheduled for the Russian Air Force, but it was never implemented.

Mi-24K - intelligence, which functions as part of the task of adjustment.

Mi-24R - helicopter reconnaissance type RHB. The available machine gun Yak B-12.7, instead ATGM are six buckets of soil sampling. There is a trigger under rocket SHT. In addition to the standard number of the crew, there are two chemist scout. He has been involved in operations in the accident in Chernobyl. Designed 160 helicopters in its class.

Mi-24RA - an upgraded version of the Mi-24R.

Mi-24M - anti prototype. Development stopped.

Mi-24 SuperHind - joint razrabotkamodernizirovannogo Mi-24 plant "Rostvertol" and ATE (a South African company).

Mi-24 SuperHindMk.3 - modified model for the Armed Forces of Algeria.

Mi-24 SuperHindMk.4 - modified model for Azerbaijan.

Mi-24PN - Specialty modification to perform complex tasks during the night. Available in the Russian Air Force.

The helicopter was in the Air Force in countries such as the Soviet Union, Bulgaria, East Germany, West Germany, Iraq, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Serbia, Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, Croatia.


Lost Mi-24

  1. 03.02.2002 in Chechnya - 1 helicopter.
  2. 20.03.2003 during a training exercise crashed helicopter 2.
  3. In 2003 in Ukraine - 1 helicopter.
  4. In the same year 26 August Chechnya - 1 helicopter.
  5. After a day at the airport 23 Chernigovka happened the collision of two Mi-24V.
  6. In November this year in Chechnya - 1 helicopter.
  7. In 2007 year in August (Amur Region) - 1 helicopter.
  8. Third February 2009 years (Saratov region) - 1 helicopter.
  9. Year 2010, 13 July (Dagestan) - 1 helicopter.
  10. November 29 2011 years (Belarus) - 1 helicopter.
  11. 26 August this year (Primorye) - 1 helicopter.
  12. 2012 year (Kenya) - 3 helicopter belonging to the Ugandan army.
  13. Eighth September 2012 years (Botlikh) - 1 helicopter.


Mi-24 characteristics

Weight, kg:  
empty 7676
normal takeoff 10600
maximum take-off 11500
Overall length, m 21,35
Wingspan, m 6,66
The diameter of the rotor, m 17,3
The diameter of the tail rotor, m 3,91
Motor Power, hp 2x2200
Speed, km / h:  
maximum 320
cruising 280
Static ceiling out of ground effect, m 1600
Dynamic ceiling, m 5120
Flight range, km:  
Practical 485
Ferry 1210
Shipping Weight, kg:  
normal 1500
maximum 2400
on the external load 2000
Crew 3
Number paratroopers people 8
Built-in weapons A gun-12,7A
ATRA 9P146M "Phalanx-MB"



Mi-24 video




Say gop! yak skip ...

This is the best helicopter to this day among commercially available. They even Americans fly at certain points. As such they can not vertoletik

Judging by the performance characteristics is a no .----- helicopter main helicopter rotor is tilted forward almost 5%, but other than that, it is still tilted to the right side almost 3%. This is done to improve helicopter stability in straight flight.

The big feature of this helicopter are the wings, which have an area of ​​6,75 m² and a negative structure of the V-12. This design gives the wing lift in 22-28 percent. helicopter chassis consists of three pillars, which are cleaned and the front support can be controlled in ground conditions.
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I do not understand. These characteristics do not meet the characteristics of the other source. It's about the Mil Mi-24 Hind?

Mi-24 helicopters have indeed flown over almost the entire world during their existence. Simple in design, powerful, not modestly large, but maneuverable, capable of operating in any terrain, the Mi-24 surprised and frightened all "its" enemies. He became famous as the AK-76 assault rifle and was overgrown with legends. From the myth that the fuselage of the first Mi was supposed to be made according to stolen blueprints of an American helicopter, but due to the lack of the necessary light alloys and small-sized engines, it turned out to be so big and strong, to a fairy tale that it was not hit by grenade launchers.
Today it is still possible to see this legendary helicopter created by the geniuses of the USSR in the air akean of the world, but as a combat vehicle, the Mi-24 is already outdated.

A beautiful car ahead of its time. It is still produced in Russia. With new weapons, radar, missiles, etc. Bends everything. Glory to Russia.


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