"Boeing" plant in Seattle
"Boeing" plant in Seattle

"Boeing" plant in Seattle



The plant in Seattle is a major production capacity of the entire corporation.

The company has two main divisions: the civilian products of Commercial Boeing Airplanes and the military products of Defense Integrated Systems. In addition, the corporation includes the project financing organization Boeing Capital Corporation, the infrastructure support organization Shared Services Group and Boeing Engineering, the organization for the development, acquisition and implementation of innovative processes and technologies Operations & Technology.

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During World War II, Boeing created a huge number of bombers. Many of the workers who worked at that time were women whose husbands had gone to the front. In early March 1944, production was expanded and more than three hundred and fifty aircraft were produced monthly. To prevent air attacks, the roofs of the factories were covered with greenery and objects that simulate that this is not a factory, but a simple village. During these war years, the main US aviation companies began to unite. The B-17 Flying Fortress bomber, developed by Boeing, was also assembled at Douglas Aircraft and Lockheed Aircraft, and the B-29 was also assembled at the Bell Aircraft Glenn L. Martin factories.

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Boeing Company in 1950-ies were designed bombers such as the Boeing B-47 Stratojet first jet and one of the symbols of the Cold War, Boeing B-52 Stratofortress ,.

On 15/07.1954/367, a prototype of the Boeing 80-XNUMX aircraft made its first flight, which subsequently gave way to a large series of successful commercial Boeing seven hundred series airliners.

The series was designed Boeing 737 in 1964 - 1967 - the most widespread passenger jet aircraft for the entire period of passenger aircraft construction (more than 7600 aircraft were left and about 3000 more orders for aircraft were not closed by mid-2013).

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The first double-deck long-haul wide-body passenger aircraft in the world was developed in 1966-1969 Boeing 747. At the time of its construction it was the largest, heaviest and capacious passenger airliner, and remained so for many thirty-seven years, until AerobusaA380, which first left the hangars of the Toulouse Aviation Plant in 2005.


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