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16 August marks the Day of the Air Fleet of Russia

Russia is celebrating Air Fleet Day.

Their professional holiday is celebrated not only by aviators, but also by employees of the entire aviation infrastructure of the Russian Federation. The holiday itself came to Russia from the early times of the Soviet Union - since 1933, it was celebrated not only by absolutely all workers of the USSR air fleet, but also by aircraft designers, employees of aircraft manufacturing enterprises, etc.

At the moment, it's customary to celebrate the Day of the Air Fleet of Russia on every third Sunday in August, while its significance for air transport workers is very high, since in our country there are dozens of airlines and airports that daily send hundreds of routes to thousands of flights, Providing not only the highest quality provision of services for the transport of passengers between different cities of the world, but also the safety of air travel.

The aviation resource notes that on a festive day, solemn events are held in dozens of airports in the country.


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