Russian military in Syria


5,5 thousand militants surrendered to the Russian military in southern Syria

In southern Syria, more than 5.5 thousand militants decided to surrender to the Russian military.

Amid preparations for a large-scale sweep of the Syrian province of Daraa, located in southwestern Syria, more than 5,5 militants and members of illegal armed groups have already decided to surrender to Russian servicemen in exchange for a guarantee of no further persecution.

The militants, who, as previously stated, are supported by Jordan and Israel, have decided to surrender their weapons and take advantage of guarantees from the Russian military that they will not be pursued by Damascus or the Russian side. In fact, this made it possible to ensure stability in this region and government forces are already beginning to arrive here to regain control over the province.

Recently, the number of clashes in the Daraa province has dropped significantly. Radicals are still present in the region. This is evidenced by the discovery of improvised explosive devices, which were supposed to be used for terrorist attacks and attacks on both the Syrian and Russian military to escalate tensions.

Experts believe that in connection with the establishment of peace in the region, the Syrian army can now start cleaning up other Syrian provinces from terrorists.


Unlike wolves, there is no need to chain - on a reservation, to work to rebuild the country under close supervision with restrictions on movement around the country.

As a child, we (in the Kuban) had a lot of wolves. So: they never attacked boldly, only in a flock, only on stragglers, on the sick. They differ little from jackals, they even eat carrion in the same way.

The wolf is the one who attacks boldly, and the jackal is the one who attacks the weak

Israel stopped bombing and began to surrender. Here is a confirmation that Israel and kindled the fire in Syria.

No one and no one gives up. The militants go into the shadows for the time being. A wolf will always remain a wolf, even if it is chained.