capture Yerevan


Aliyev announced his readiness to seize Yerevan

The President of Azerbaijan promised Armenia a new war and promised to "return" Yerevan to Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said that he foresees not only a new armed conflict against Armenia and the rest of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, but also the capture of Yerevan.

“I made a reservation, we will return there. I did not say that we would return there in tanks. Said we'd be back. This means why not. If we return to the Zangezur corridor, if we use this path, why don't we return to Iravan (Azeri names of the Armenian capital - ed.)? The time will come, we will do it, ”Aliyev said.

Such statements from Azerbaijan mean that Baku does not at all strive for peace in the region, but rather builds up its forces with the aim of further encircling Armenia by gaining control over the Sinyuk region.

Experts draw attention to the fact that tension in the region is also associated with the actions of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, who refuses to enter into any dialogue.

It should be noted that as a result of the latest conflict, Russian weapons proved to be rather poor, including the Iskanler and Iskander-M complexes - all the missiles launched were successfully shot down.

You are naive, you believe in fairy tales. China needs the Far East and Siberia. they will get it. they have territorial claims against russia in the amount of 1600000 sq. they demand a kilometer of land as their former territory. this is a very huge territory.

It is likely that the map of the world before our era was also drawn by the ARMENIANS

Islam is stronger! Islam will win. Your one Orthodox church in Istanbul has been turned into a Mosque, and it will be in Armenia as well as in Crimea!

The tales of the "Takeover by China" are outdated.
At the present time, it is China that will support Russia in the Far East and possibly in the East in general.
Now Russia and China need each other more than ever and it will be for a long time.
China will expand its sphere of influence and trade in Africa, which it is already doing hard.

The state of Azerbaijan did not exist, but was created artificially in 1918 by the evil intentions of Turkey. This artificial state in the future will serve as a springboard for the unification of the Turkic-speaking states, in order to create the Turanian empire (this is Turkey's dream). This means that Azerbaijan, as such, does not have its own lands. If anyone doubts, then let them open a map of the world before our era there IS ARMENIA. There is no mention of the designation Turkey and Azerbaijan: these are all nomads who, with the help of meanness and cunning, have now become states on the world stage. And so arrogant that instead of being silent, they pretend to everyone and secretly laid their eyes on foreign lands in order to seize them later. So be CAREFUL of these Turk-like ones and never trust, never! "

They didn't shoot down, of course, they just stunned, that's all ...

Better think about China, which is about to take over half of Russia. They dreamed about Istanbul. The windbags.

They seize, plunder and destroy the lands of Azerbaijan - can they, but the Azerbaijanis cannot seize the territory of Armenia? Why double standards?

I will not say whether the missiles were shot down or not, but the remains of two Iskander-M missiles are already in the window behind the glass in the Museum of the Patriotic War Trophies in Baku. They are actively shown on international TV channels and Azerbaijan, and everything is already on YouTube and other honest news portals. .Baku is waiting for explanations from our country on these prohibited missiles, which are registered at the Russian military base in Gyumri.

As always, the words of I.G. Aliyev were distorted and taken out of context.

... and NATO is ready to rename Russia to Ukraine

Not a single Iskander was launched or shot down. In addition, the Barak air defense system, which allegedly shot down the Iskander, is not capable of this at all in terms of its performance characteristics. It's like shooting down a bullet with fireworks, which, moreover, flies too high and maneuvers.

If Pashinyan leaves the CSTO, then the likelihood of what is described in the article may have prospects and it is completely unclear whether this is true - Aliyev has an excellent education, speaks Russian well (there can be no reservations) and he is cautious in politics, it is unlikely that he would be like that. declared even if he wanted to do. Well, I have never seen or read about such a statement by Aliyev.

russia is not sick with it let the Armenians worry

... and Russia is ready to rename Istanbul to Constantinople