US military base in northern Syria hit by heavy missile attack

Multiple missile strikes hit a US military base in Syria.

A US military base located in northeast Syria has come under heavy rocket fire, resulting in serious damage to the nearby al-Omar field and, according to pro-Iranian sources, to the US military base itself. The explosions at the US military base were so powerful that they could be observed from a distance of about 40 kilometers, as evidenced by the corresponding video footage taken from the outskirts of Deir ez-Zor.

Apparently, this is the second attack on the US military over the past day, since the day before it was reported that a column with the US military came under a missile attack - there were no casualties, however, the equipment could have received some damage, which, by the way, so far received no official comments from the United States.

On the video footage presented, you can see the moment of strikes on the American military base in the area of ​​the al-Omar oil field. The power of the explosion is so large that the flash illuminates a large area, while it remains unknown whether this is due to the missiles hitting some US military infrastructure, or due to the missile hitting the oil storage site.