American BMP M2A2 Bradley "chihar" Russian military patrols, intending to ram them

Plans have been revealed to airlift American M2A2 Bradley to Syria.

The Americans began to watch for Russian military patrols for a subsequent attempt to block them with armored vehicles, in particular, we are talking about the M2A2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, which, with their weight, in the event of an attempt to ram Russian armored vehicles, may well cause serious damage to the latter.

At the moment, it is known that the M2A2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles deployed by the American military to Syria a few days ago are carrying out single patrols in areas in which Russian military patrols were previously seen. There were no official statements from the United States regarding the transfer of the M2A2 Bradley to Syria, however, analysts believe that in this way the Americans will try to take revenge on the Russian servicemen who rammed an armored car of the US Armed Forces, as a result of which three soldiers were injured.

It should be noted that after the incident with the ramming of an American armored car, the Americans had already tried to interfere with the patrolling of the northeastern part of Syria by sending their combat helicopters to the Russian military convoy, however, the latter had to flee after they were chased by Russian Mi-helicopters. 35 and Mi-8, which was published on the corresponding video frames.

There are many photos of the wrecked Bradley cars there is something to think about Syrians and PMCs