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American F-16s tried to hit Russian S-400s in Africa

American aviation tried to strike at the Russian S-400 air defense systems.

F-16 fighters and B-52 bombers of the US Air Force tried to strike at Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems as part of the Africa Lion 2021 military exercise, which took place in West and North Africa. According to the data published by The Drive, according to the legend of the exercises, the American Air Force was to destroy the positional areas of the S-400 complexes stationed in Morocco.

According to the data presented, the US Air Force used F-16 fighters and B-52 bombers to strike at the positional areas of the S-400 complexes, while, judging by the data presented, "... all targets were successfully destroyed", although experts clearly had doubts in that.

As the expert of the news agency notes, the American Air Force was faced with an almost impossible task - it is simply impossible to destroy the S-400 areas with the help of F-16 fighters and B-52 bombers.

“F-16 fighters do not have weapons capable of delivering an accurate strike on the S-400 positional area without being destroyed. As practice shows, Russian S-400s are seen even by "stealth" fighters, and when it comes to F-16s or such "fat targets" as B-52s, the attack is carried out from a maximum distance of 400 kilometers, and therefore, before American pilots set an initially unrealizable task, and statements about the successful destruction of targets are nothing more than propaganda ", - the analyst underlines.

They lied, they lie, and they will lie, what if they destroy, Our actions are good. Comics considered when they flew, not targets

If you only knew what complex targets we shot down in 1970 with the S-125

"to release tamogavki for 2000 km." ))) What is it? ))). I only know TomAhawki - American "flying axes")))

Two years ago, the United States released more than fifty tomahawks across Syria, and more than half did not even get to Syria, and the rest will return back.

The problem is that your vaunted Tomahawks will not reach, in Syria the Americans themselves showed it perfectly, they even gave us a couple, trash is trash

Why waste rockets on this rubbish? When in Yugoslavia they successfully shot down a super plane with the oldest missile, eh?

))), S400 will EARTH all: both B52, and even more subsonic "tomahawks"))))))))

Well, if the s-200 shot down the Israeli f-16, then it will probably be better from -400-300. It is better not to let the armies down for us to understand how the air defense works is difficult

During its existence, the C300 / 400 did not shoot down a single aircraft / missile, only training targets from the 40s of the last century, and even those not on the first try.

B-52 not a problem with 400 to annihilate in 2000 km to release tamogavki

When did Morocco buy the S-400 ?!

There is no need to doubt - they destroyed it. Otherwise, next time you won't get money for training. Loot requires a result, and this is the main thing: if you do, you can draw any result.

"... all targets were successfully destroyed", probably meant the planes

Let them amuse themselves ...)))