Fighter F-22


American fighters F-22 will be transferred to Europe

US Air Force expressed their intention to place fighters in Europe F-22.

Four fighter 5-generation will be transferred to the territory of Europe in the very near future, and it became known news agency, such actions the United States intends to provide the EU an additional security guarantees from any possible aggression.

Fighter F-22 Raptor is the only fighter 5-generation standing on US weapons, in doing so, experts say, because of the costly development and production costs, the use of combat aircraft performed extremely rare, which is why it is assumed that the transfer of aircraft in Europe It will be nothing more than an attempt to demonstrate the power and capabilities.

Among other things, a number of defense ministries of Europe doubt that in case of aggression from outside, and most likely the main "suspect" for NATO is Russia, American fighters will help, as modern Russian SAM systems are able to detect F-22 aircraft at considerable distances and with probability in 90% destroy them.