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American F-35 crashed into a military transport plane

An American F-35 pilot rammed a military transport plane at speed.

The command of the US Air Force Base Thermal has published photographs of the consequences of a collision of an American F-35 fighter with a KC-130J Hercules military transport aircraft, which served as a tanker. Due to a stupid mistake by a combat aircraft pilot, the American fighter literally wound around the propeller blades of the tanker aircraft, causing extremely large damage to the latter.

“The fifth generation fighter was lost - it fell after the collision, and the air tanker, being damaged, was forced to make an emergency landing. He landed on a farm field near the airfield. It is known that after a collision with the F-35, the KC-130J tanker was partially disassembled. Parts of its design are based at Thermal, California. ", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Military Review".

In the photographs presented, you can see that the F-35 fighter went through two propellers of the KC-130J Hercules aircraft. The reason for this, according to sources, was the intention "... to demonstrate the skill of controlling a combat aircraft ...", but the pilot did not manage to stop the fighter in time and the latter fell under the propeller blades.

Apparently, the KC-130J Hercules tanker aircraft will be restored and returned to service, but the American F-35 fighter crashed, and this is the third fifth generation combat aircraft lost by the United States over the past year.

C-130 is a reliable car, even if you ruin 2 engines, it will get empty. An-8 is slightly smaller, but also reliable, and An-12 is generally a legend.

Dear, read the text carefully. Everything is written there.

That's right I always said that this pregnant penguin fu35 is a parody of a fighter.

Great news. I hope there is no loss on our side

Rzhu I can’t, even Russian pilots, the US military is accused of unprofessionalism and insecurity.))

Judging by the photo, Hercules received SUCH damage that he could not fly in principle. There is no wing, no engines, this is an asymmetric thrust. Or the photo is not right.

Ponty sooner or later end tragically ...

So they all F-35 will lose, not even participating in battles. But Dokhid will receive new orders :)