US missile destroyer USS Ross invades the Barents Sea

An American warship armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles has been near the Russian border for five days.

Since October 19 of this year, the USS Ross missile destroyer armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles has been stationed near the Russian border in the Barents Sea. The purpose of the stay here of the American warship remains unknown, but the maneuvers it makes in the waters of the Barents Sea are more than unusual.

The invasion of an American warship into the waters of the Barents Sea raises many questions, in particular, the missile destroyer is completely alone here, however, at the same time, USS Ross performs rather strange maneuvers that do not pose an immediate threat to Russia, but at the same time, testing of Russian defense systems is possible in this direction and tracking the activity of radar facilities.

“The American invader is clearly carrying out some kind of operation near the Russian borders. The sharp change in the speed of its movement in certain areas raises the question of whether the warship is trying to deceive the Russian trackers, which is especially important, especially after NATO announced its intention to send warships to the Arctic along the Northern Sea Route controlled by the Russian military ", - the expert marks.

The American side has not officially commented on the appearance of its warship in the area.