US warship attempted to enter Russian waters by disabling identification

A US Navy ship attempted to enter Russian territorial waters from the Baltic Sea.

The American warship USNS Bruce Heezer, a powerful reconnaissance vessel, was discovered by the Russian military practically close to Russian territorial waters. In addition to the fact that the ship turned off the transponder, which allows it to be identified, the reconnaissance vessel tried to hide behind civilian sea vessels, approaching almost point-blank to the Kaliningrad region.

“The reconnaissance ship passed through the Øresund Strait between Denmark and Sweden, and then entered the Baltic Sea. Separately, it was noted that after entering the Baltic Sea, USNS Bruce Heezer turned off its transponder transmitting its coordinates. Reference: The USNS Bruce Heezer Pathfinder class is one of six similar reconnaissance ships in the US Navy. ", - the Russian edition "REGNUM" informs about it.

With what tasks the American military reconnaissance ship arrived in this area, it is still unknown, however, analysts suggest that the American warship could deploy beacons in order to instantly receive data on the appearance of Russian ships and submarines, for example , with the aim of further blocking their exit to the Atlantic Ocean.

So Kursk was sunk.

They have become insolent from impunity, and they only understand strength, when Russia already starts giving a decent answer to these monsters, they would let them go - and to the bottom, and I am sure they would be hunted for a long time on such provocations in other places.

I completely agree.

Provocations will take place on our borders for a long time. I would give permission to enter our zone. Then the emergence of two boats and towing to our pier for a showdown.

As I understand it, in order to deploy beacons, it is not at all necessary to enter Russian territorial waters.
Probably, the ship, after all, completed its tasks.

skip and drown not povadno.

Baltic stores a lot of "echoes of war", so why could not an enemy warship be blown up on ammunition during the Second World War? By chance, please note. Could there be no survivors, drown everyone, and report that all Americans were drowned in the cold waters?

If they turned off the transponder, it means to turn off the ship and to the bottom of it, the Baltic Sea and not such ships received at the bottom.