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England: Russia adopts a submarine for new sabotage

A new "submarine for underwater sabotage" has entered service with Russia, capable of diving to a depth of almost 2 miles (3,2 km) and destroying cable networks there.

Every day, 380 submarine "communication lines" conduct financial transactions worth £ 8 trillion, and all these communications are vulnerable.

Russian naval intelligence spies have been accused of interfering with Western cable networks for months to undermine the UK economy.

According to informed sources, as early as next month, during sea trials, the deep-sea Russian submarine station AS-15 Kashalot will be launched from the larger submarine Belgorod.

In response to such intentions, the Royal Maritime Forces are going to create a multipurpose reconnaissance ocean-going ship to guard against threats from Russian submarines, but it will only enter service in 2024.

Subsea communications networks across the world's oceans carry 90% of all international web data.

Jane's expert Bruce Jones commented on this situation in the following words:

“Attacks on submarine cables, which are of great importance to Western governments, economies and financial infrastructures, can be disastrous. The main task for naval intelligence and the Royal Maritime Forces should be to provide protection against such threats. "

Sperm whale, after separating from the submarine Belgorod, will be able to install explosive devices at the bottom to destroy cables or put devices capable of cutting them.

The attack can also be carried out along energy pipelines. In this case, a blow will be dealt not only to the economy, but also to the ecology of the surrounding water areas.

Also, the submarine "Kashalot" can drop an explosive device if a NATO ship is found. For example, two new British aircraft carriers could be targeted, each costing the UK budget £ 3,5bn.

The Sperm whale project is one of the Kremlin's most classified maritime projects.

Some little-known Russian maritime websites have published documents that the Kashalot devices are being reconstructed to carry out deep-sea sabotage.

The British newspaper The Mirror has already written about the ability of the Sperm Whale to fire a nuclear torpedo, which, after detonating near the enemy's coastline, will cause a tsunami to destroy coastal defenses and infrastructure.


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