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Armenia lost 35% of its armored forces in Karabakh

The losses of the armored forces of the Armed Forces of Armenia and in Karabakh amounted to 35%.

Despite the fact that Armenia took minimal direct participation in military clashes on the territory of Karabakh, the losses of the armed forces of this country turned out to be very large. In addition to the loss of more than 2,5 thousand servicemen and a significant number of air defense systems, more than a third of the armored forces of the Armenian army were lost in the battles in Karabakh.

“In this conflict in Karabakh, the Armenian air defense forces, equipped with the Russian system, showed poor results and failed to provide effective air defense cover to the combat forces, which led to frequent and successful attacks by Azerbaijani drones. During the 45-day battle, the Armenian army lost 35% of its tanks, artillery and trucks, which directly led to the decline of the Armenian ground forces and ultimately did not stop the advance of the Azerbaijani army. After a deep breakthrough of the right wing of the Armenian army in Karabakh, the entire army is in danger of being surrounded and destroyed. Due to the military failure, the Armenian government was forced to sign a ceasefire agreement, which did not benefit it "- сообщает information publication "Sina".

It should be noted that the losses of the Azerbaijani army turned out to be much smaller, despite the previously conducted propaganda by Yerevan, while the number of equipment captured by the Armenian military is almost 7 times higher than that of the lost.