OSCE accused Russia of supplying the latest weapons to Donbass

Russia has supplied the latest weapons to Donbas.

The OSCE observer mission discovered in the suburbs of Luhansk the newest Russian control complex for unmanned aerial vehicles "Gunner-2". Previously, such weapons could not be in service with the LPR and DPR, in this connection, Russia is accused of supplying weapons to the zone of armed conflict.

“On the territory of the Luhansk People's Republic, the UAV of the OSCE monitoring mission, for the first time during the hostilities in the Donbass, discovered the newest Russian complex“ Gunner-2 ”. The equipment was recorded 12 km from the front line. The ground control station of the Navodchik-2 complex is designed to control the flight of an unmanned aerial vehicle, check it during pre-flight and pre-launch preparations, receive, process and display incoming information from the UAV. transmission of intelligence information in an automated mode to the systems KRUS, ESU TZ and ACS of the Airborne Forces "- “The Telegram” channel “Military observer” reports about this.

It is not known for what purposes the unique Russian complex is planned to be used, but a week earlier it became known that Ukraine had transferred at least 6 Bayraktar TB-2 unmanned aerial vehicles to Kramatorsk, which are supposed to be used to strike at Donbass, since the DPR and LPR do not have effective means of dealing with Turkish drones.

The most interesting thing is that the West and the states are supplying new weapons to Ukraine for the war in Donbass, no one is indignant, this is normal, and when ours put our equipment in opposition, this is out of bounds, Europe has double standards that it is doing it right, and Russia not right.

A "Barguzin" in South Ossetia is not available for rent?

And what does South Ossetia have with the DPR LPR a common border?))) Don't write nonsense!

“For what purposes it is planned to use the unique Russian complex is unknown, but a week earlier it became known that Ukraine had transferred at least 6 Bayraktar TB-2 unmanned aerial vehicles to Kramatorsk.
.. "Ha! For such and will be used.

And why are you suddenly sure that it was Russia that supplied these weapons ?? Let them provide a video of how the technique crosses the border, without proof, this is empty chatter. By the way, South Ossetia could well have supplied the armaments, which long ago recognized the republics, which means it has every right to provide any assistance.

And why are you raising a fuss, will they figure it out? You are foreign media or who, or you don't care what news to print. And how will the republics defend themselves against Turkish-Ukrainian UAVs? Hmm ...

But the construction of fortifications along the demarcation line is not provided for by the "Minsk talking houses". and Ukraine is building them. The supply of weapons to the Group in Donbass is not envisaged, and Turkish attack UAVs have been delivered. In addition, the OSCE has been criticized more than once for handing over intelligence to the other side. Even if this is true, then it is quite acceptable. since everyone around does not observe anything, and Radio stations are not lethal weapons.