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Armenian army prepares sensational statement on Pashinyan's betrayal in Karabakh

The Armenian army is preparing a sensational statement about the surrender of Karabakh by Pashinyan.

According to the Yerevan newspaper "Past", the servicemen of the Armenian army are preparing to make a sensational statement regarding the surrender of Karabakh and the actual betrayal of the Armenian armed forces in this conflict. It is for this reason, according to the newspaper's journalists, that martial law has still been introduced in the country, preventing the disclosure of such data.

“According to our information, the authorities have several reasons not to demobilize the mob-reserve. First of all, they are afraid that during this tense period these people will return and tell the whole truth, as well as respond to Nikol Pashinyan's attempts to discredit them. On the other hand, numerous oppositionists were mobilized, including Deputy Chairman of the Republican Party Armen Ashotyan, whom the authorities have not demobilized for a long time without any reason. Therefore, there are opinions that the authorities have turned the mobilization resource into a kind of political instrument in order to keep people as "hostages" and prevent them from participating in political processes ", - reports the Armenian newspaper "Past".

Today, the situation around the future career of the Prime Minister of Armenia is developing a very unfavorable situation, in particular, earlier Pashinyan's statement about the actual victory of the Armenian army on the defensive lines was criticized, although in reality the country's army suffered a crushing defeat in Karabakh.