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A plane crash in Vnukovo: the driver of a snow-scraper acknowledged his guilt

The driver of the snow-removing machine admitted his guilt over the air crash at Vnukovo airport.

Vladimir Martynenko, the driver of one of the snow-removing machine, which led to a clash with the overclock the aircraft carrying the president of Total, admitted that violated safety and left on the runway without permission of air traffic controllers, which in turn led to the tragic catastrophe. news agency in turn notes that at the moment five people are going through the accident on the Vnukovo airport, but experts do not doubt that the fault of each of them will be proved. Nevertheless, until now it remains unknown why the snowplow driver did not confess his guilt earlier, which would help in turn to quickly investigate and mitigate the punishment for all suspects in this case.

However, given the fact that the driver of a snowplow was intoxicated, it is likely to only increase the degree of his guilt.


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