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IrAero Airlines delayed flights more than others in June

Following the results of June, the airline "IrAero"Became the most non-punctual.

Of the flights made during the month of 1044, 85 was delayed for any reason, which is 8,14% of the total volume of all flights. According to experts, this indicator is quite high, and it is worth noting that most of the delays are due to the incompetence of the Russian air carrier itself.

In addition to the airline "IrAero", in the "leaders" by the number of delayed flights were also such Russian carriers as "Katekavia"(Delayed 96 flights from 1260 committed) and"VIM-Avia"(93 flight from 1239 committed was sent late).

Least of all delays in June was observed at the airline "Russia", which delayed only 10 departures from 4188 committed, which emphasizes the high professionalism in the activities of this domestic airline.

Information resource notes that Russian airlines are trying every month to minimize the number of delayed flights, however, it is not always possible to achieve this, since the reasons for the delays can be very different.


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