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Azerbaijan officially announced the number of its military personnel killed in Karabakh - 2783 servicemen

Azerbaijan has officially announced the losses in the ranks of its army in Karabakh.

During the clashes, which lasted less than 7 weeks on the territory of Karabakh, the losses of the Azerbaijani armed forces turned out to be completely different from what they had originally stated in Yerevan, moreover, despite the fact that the Azerbaijani army was on the offensive, its losses were half. than the NKR and Armenia combined - 2783 servicemen (about a hundred more are considered missing).

“According to the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry, 2783 servicemen of the country's armed forces were killed during the clashes on the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. “Among them, work is underway to identify 103 servicemen using DNA analysis. More than 100 servicemen are missing. Necessary measures are being taken to find them and inform their families, ”the ministry said, adding that 1245 servicemen are currently being treated in medical institutions. The Ministry of Defense assured that detailed information on the names, dates of birth, ranks and routes of the dead military will be provided to the public, but did not specify when this is planned to be done ", - this is reported by the Russian information publication "Novaya Gazeta"

In fact, the losses among the Azerbaijani servicemen turned out to be half that of Armenia and the NKR, which indicates that if Yerevan refused to conclude an agreement, then by that moment almost 90% of the territory of Karabakh would have come under the control of Azerbaijan, not to mention already about possible clashes on the territory of Armenia.