Azerbaijan refused to show downed Russian Iskander-M

The Azerbaijani side has not yet presented the wreckage of the downed Russian Iskander-M missiles.

Despite statements by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev that the Azerbaijani military managed to shoot down Iskander-M tactical missiles launched by the Russian military over Karabakh, it became known that for some reason Baku refused to show the debris of the missiles, although Azerbaijan has already opened "War Booty Park", where, according to Aliyev, the destroyed Russian weapons will also be displayed.

To date, the Russian side does not give official comments on the statement made by Ilham Aliyev, which raises some suspicions that Russian complexes were actually used in the armed conflict in Karabakh, however, the lack of evidence from Baku also raises some suspicions about the fact that that they can bluff in Baku.

Earlier it became known that the Iskander complexes in service with the Armenian army actually fired at least two missiles, as evidenced by video footage published by the Armenian military themselves, but there is still no evidence of the use of the Russian Iskander-M since.

See the museum and see for yourself!

Pashinyan - Russian Iskander do not shoot,
Aliyev - we shot down the Russian Iskander ...

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when gratuitous they can very much. And the wreckage of the rocket is in the park, you can view it from the Internet

All the wreckage of the rocket in the war booty park. And the article is clearly paid for.

The wreckage of Iskander-M missiles, located in the War Booty Park, anyone can see. The lying Armenians who sit in the Russian media do not fool the Russians with fairy tales.

If they don't show it, it means that nothing happened!
The question is open, is there or was there an Iskander PTRC in the Armed Forces of Armenia?
They did not spend the loan, but they showed something similar to ORTK at the parade in 2015. Of course, they could have bought it later, but to shoot anywhere with a missile system worth 200 million rubles, somehow it does not look like Armenians. )))

Downed OTRK "Iskander-M" or Caucasian tale from Aliyev ...