Azerbaijan army


The Azerbaijani army advanced another 2 kilometers deep into the territory of Armenia

Azerbaijan cuts off the Syunik region from Armenia.

The negotiations held between Yerevan and Baku on the withdrawal of Azerbaijani forces from the territory of Armenia were not only unsuccessful, but also led to the fact that the Azerbaijani army additionally captured several square kilometers of the territory of the Republic of Armenia. Thus, according to, Azerbaijani servicemen seized an area 6 km west of the village of Verin Shorzha, Gegharkunik region, deploying their forces here and proceeding to fortify the area.

“The video was filmed on a site about 6 km west of Verin Shorzha, on a mountainside. The border of the Karvachar, occupied by Azerbaijan, and the Gegharkunik region of the Republic of Armenia runs along the mountain peaks, but, as can be seen from the video, the Azerbaijani soldiers are standing on a section of the slope and have advanced about 2 km in a straight line. ", - reported by the Armenian media.

Taking into account the deployment of Azerbaijani forces in this region, experts express the opinion that Baku intends to cut off the Syunik region from the territory of Armenia, laying a corridor to Nakhichevan.

A few hours earlier, acting. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan requested emergency military assistance from Russia, however, the Russian side has not yet expressed its official position on this matter, despite the fact that Azerbaijani forces are threatening Russian military installations previously deployed in the Syunik region.

AZERBAIJAN HAS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SO-CALLED TERRITORY OF "ARMENIA." So our army will restore its legal border ... We have returned 20 km .. And another 15 km we are supposed to enter and take our legal

it is what experts express such a delusional opinion ???

there is no one in the bazaars, everything. And the Russian roads take a lot of energy. Suddenly there is a war, and he is tired.

Work off the Hurricanes on the mountain and there are no more invaders. The question is different, but what awaits the Armenian army? What would the Russians fight for them again? You would begin to defend your territory yourself, otherwise they are waiting for something. And help is provided when they themselves cannot cope, and here they have not even started.