Fighter NGAD


Sixth generation fighter developed by the United States makes its first flight

The United States has begun the testing phase of the sixth generation fighter.

Despite the fact that the development of a sixth-generation American fighter became known only a few years ago, the US Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategy Clinton Hinough made a statement that the fighter had already made its first flight, and by 2030 this combat aircraft had already will begin to replace the F-22 fighters in service with the United States.

According to Hinawat, the American sixth generation fighter has already taken off, while the aircraft will have a modular design and can be either manned or unmanned, which is one of the factors that the combat vehicle belongs to the sixth generation fighters.

“The Air Force has not yet disclosed when the aircraft, developed under the NGAD program, will enter service, although it was announced last September that at least some kind of demonstration platform for this program was already flying. In an interview, Hinough hinted that a second demonstrator - possibly an entirely new sequel design - is already in production. “As you allow this program to spiral, you develop the next platform,” with new software and sensor technology, Hinote said. He also hinted that new iterations could appear every five to eight years. ", - the edition "The Drive" informs.

It is known that with the introduction of the sixth generation fighters, the US Air Force wants to reduce the number of fighters in service with the country to only four types.

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And if you scribble "We can repeat" on board, then the Su-57 from a simple 6 ++ fighter will become an absolutely unique multipurpose unit of the air and SPACE troops.

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Russia has had it for 25 years at the exit and still will not work, but they stamped the 5th generation aircraft like hot cakes.

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The photo shows an English prototype of the 6th generation aircraft being developed.

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But in Russia, all civilian products and Lada are not known what generation. Made in is not our made in from there. The situation with missiles and ships reminds me of the Soviet phrase "long live Soviet microcircuits, the largest microcircuits in the world."

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Aircraft of the 6th generation are characterized by extreme stealth (improved stealth technology); efficiency in all flight modes (from subsonic speed to several Machs); the ability to change shape; smart coverage; highly integrated networking capabilities; very sensitive sensors; fighter piloting is optional; directed energy weapons
In terms of the shape of the glider, nothing has changed, if there are repeated sores F22, and the time for maintenance, then there will be no point in it, and even the fact that 22 has not been brought to mind, this one will be just 5+, but also with big questions. We are waiting for real data, otherwise it’s just stuffing, like our cartoons ...

And the American F-35, to which generation would you classify, provided that the SU-57 is not inferior to it in all respects, but surpasses it in some respects ?!

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