The Azeri Times: Azerbaijan closes airspace for Russian military aircraft

Azerbaijani media report on the closure of airspace for Russian military aircraft.

The Azerbaijani edition of The Azeri Times reported that, following Turkey, neighboring Azerbaijan closed its airspace for Russian military aircraft. According to The Azeri Times, this is due to intentions to disrupt the transportation of military cargo between Russia and Armenia.

“Azerbaijan has closed its airspace to Russian military aircraft. As a result, Russian military aircraft carrying military supplies from Armenia to Russia were forced to fly over Iran and the Caspian Sea on their way to Rostov-on-Don", the Azeri Times reports.

Despite the appearance of such data, there are no official statements from the Azerbaijani and Russian representatives so far. This does not exclude the possibility that the information is provocative.

“Even if Azerbaijan really closed its airspace to Russian military aircraft, this is not critical, although it can definitely affect logistics. However, if the information is true, then Baku should think about the consequences.”, - specialist notes