MiG-29 Belarus


Belarus handed over two MiG-29s to Serbia

The Serbian Air Force received two more MiG-29 fighters. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Republic, two fighters were delivered from the location of the Belarusian Air Force.

On April 17, the Russian military transport aircraft An-124 Ruslan landed in Batainitsa, which delivered the first pair of MiG-29 fighters to Serbia. The total number of fighters transferred to Serbia from Belarus was four units.

The transfer was carried out back in February 2019, but they started sending planes to Serbia only now, because they were undergoing major repairs and modernization in Baranovichi.

According to the Serbian side, the Belarusian MiG-29s underwent modernization similar to the Russian MiG-29, also transferred to the Serbian Air Force. After the arrival of the second pair of fighters from Belarus, the Serbian Air Force will have in service 14 MiG-29s in a fully operational state. Of these 14 units of combat aircraft, 6 were transferred by Russia, 4 by Belarus, and 4 more were in service with the Serbian Air Force and earlier.

It is specified that the "Belarusian" MiGs underwent modernization at the aircraft plant in Baranovichi, and those transferred by Russia were modernized with the participation of Russian specialists in Serbia at the Moma Stanojlovic military aircraft repair plant in Batajnica. Also, thanks to Russian specialists, it was possible to modernize the four MiG-29s remaining on the Air Force's balance (three MiG-29B and one MiG-29UB).

"In time" the Belarusians gave the planes, strange, this dad is also difficult to understand.

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