Belarus recognized Azerbaijan's right to attack Armenia as legal

In Belarus, they decided to recognize the war in Karabakh as a legal right of Azerbaijan.

Despite the fact that Belarus, as well as Armenia, are bound by membership in the CSTO, the official Minsk not only did not condemn the actions of Baku in Karabakh, but also recognized the unleashed war as a legal right of Azerbaijan. This is evidenced by the fact that Minsk announced its intentions to start cooperation with Baku and restore the infrastructure of the part of Karabakh, which came under the control of Azerbaijan.

“During the visit of Alexander Lukashenko to Baku last week, the Belarusian leader said that the country will join the restoration of the region. In general, we are talking about the restoration of the entire infrastructure - both residential buildings with infrastructure (electricity, water supply, and so on) and social facilities (schools, kindergartens, hospitals) are envisaged, ”the Sputnik news agency reports.

Such actions on the part of Belarus cause serious concern in Armenia, especially after it became known that the Belarusian military had sold their weapons to Azerbaijan, which were used in the armed conflict in Karabakh.

It should be noted that a similar situation can also be traced in relations between Minsk and Moscow - Belarus refuses to recognize the transfer of Crimea to Russia, stating that the peninsula is under the sovereignty of Ukraine, and calls the self-proclaimed republics of Donbass the territory of Ukraine.

Yes, indeed today is 100% gangster times. Only thieves' laws apply !!!

Yes, but in this case he must enter into another union,

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Again, the article is pro-Armenian. Is it really true that all the media in Russia are pro-Armenian. Very sorry. Azerbaijan liberated its lands recognized by the world community. Is there something wrong? So why such a surprise to the author of the article? Not only Belarus, but the whole world thinks so, only some of them have declared to solve the problem peacefully for 30 years, but alas, the problem will not be solved in 300 years ... Azerbaijan liberated its lands from the aggressor and this is its sacred right, whoever said...

Dad Lukoshenka did not cope with three women, and in shock, maybe his nerves were shaking. thank God Crimea did not call Belarusian

And rightly so, why should Belarus not express its point of view based on real general human concepts. The media and social networks in Russia refer only to the Armenian point of view, and take only the Armenian side. And of course, when someone expresses something else, they naturally have serious concerns among the Armenians.

The title is incorrect. Azerbaijan fought against the occupying forces of Armenia on its internationally recognized territory. Speculation is inappropriate here.