Syrian media


Syrian media confirmed the death of two Russian soldiers and the injury of others

Syrian news agencies have confirmed the death of two Russian servicemen and the injury of several more.

Despite the fact that about a day ago, Russian sources denied the deaths of Russian servicemen in the central part of the Arab Republic as a result of an attack by Islamic State terrorists (a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.) On a Russian helicopter, the Syrian media said that there are still victims, as well as wounded.

“ISIS operatives ambushed and opened fire with automatic weapons at the Russian military as they tried to get out of the helicopter. ISIS fighters clashed with Russian troops on board the helicopter, using automatic weapons, as a result of which two soldiers were killed and others were injured. It is worth noting that operations and attacks by ISIS and other Russian and Iranian militias constantly occur in the Badia regions, attacking each other under the shadow of a struggle for control, ”the Syrian news outlet Zaytun reported.

There are no official denials or confirmation of the information that has appeared on the part of the Russian defense department in this regard, although previously the Russian side has always sought to refute the disinformation published by the terrorists.

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