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Belarusian EW complex shot down American drones over Iran

American drones shot down over Iran with the help of the Belarusian complex.

Belarusian media сообщили that in the airspace of Iran, when using the Belarusian system of electronic suppression, an American military unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down. According to the Navina publication, it was the Belarusian electronic warfare complex that allowed the Iranian military to lure an American drone into its airspace and successfully destroy it there.

“As it turned out, at the time of the Sentinel UAV interception, the Russian army did not yet have the technical means for the electronic interception of UAVs. Even during the exercises in the Astrakhan region in 2012, the EW troops could not suppress the GPS signal. For the forced landing of the Sentinel UAV, a satellite navigation signal suppression complex manufactured by the Belarusian JSC KB Radar could be used, which not only clogs the air with noise, but also generates false coordinates ”- reports the Belarusian edition.

According to experts, this is how the American drone RQ-4 was shot down in this way, and, most notably, in the same way the American military shot down their own drone, mistaking it for Iran.

“Because of this intervention, the identifier was replaced in the identification system of the American apparatus, after which he was mistaken for Iranian and shot down by the USS Boxer air defense system”, - emphasize the specialists.

Earlier it was suggested that Iran could use Russian electronic warfare systems, however, in Russia, they preferred not to comment on this.