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Militants threaten Erdogan with occupation of part of Turkey and its accession to Syria

The militants threatened Erdogan to annex part of Turkey to Syria.

Erdogan's military invasion of Syria and the active support of the militants ultimately resulted in an ultimatum among the militants against Turkey. So, against the background of Turkey’s refusal to pay terrorist groups and militants, the latter delivered a real ultimatum to Erdogan, threatening not only to occupy the southern part of Turkey, but also to annex it to the composition of the Arab Republic.

It is known that a day before the Turkish military detained at least 40 pro-Turkish militants in Syria, who staged a protest rally demanding payment for military operations in the northern part of the Arab Republic. The reason for the arrest was calls from militants to switch to the side of the Syrian military, to occupy the southern part of Turkey and transfer this territory to Syria and the Syrian Kurds.

“The Turkish Armed Forces detained about 40 SNA militants protesting in the city of Ras al-Ain. The militants demanded payment of the delayed salary and rotation with other units located in the province of Aleppo "- reports "Telegram" community "Bulletin of Damascus."

It should be clarified that this is not the first incident between the militants and Turkey, in particular, the earlier terrorist groups located in Aleppo and Idlib declared their readiness to storm the Hatay province, which Turkey had previously occupied, given the fact that the general the terrorist group is about 80-90 thousand people, Erdogan is facing very big problems.