Bolivia is gone, Nicaragua and Venezuela are as follows: Trump ridiculed Russia's intentions to deploy missiles near the US borders

The American leader has deprived Russia of an important strategic partner near the US borders.

The coup d'etat in Bolivia and the resignation of the president of this country led to the fact that Russia lost an important strategic ally. As it turned out, the United States does not at all deny its involvement in this intervention, as evidenced by the statement of Donald Trump, who emphasized that Venezuela and Nicaragua will be next.

At the beginning of the year, unconfirmed reports appeared that in response to the US withdrawing from the Treaty on intermediate and shorter-range missiles, Russia could deploy its missiles and missile defense systems on the territory of Latin American states. Among the allies, such states as Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia were designated, with which, obviously, the United States decided to sort it out in advance.

“The resignation of President Morales is an important signal for Nicaragua and Venezuela”, - said the American leader.

Experts draw attention to the fact that without appropriate support, Russia may lose its most important allies near the US borders, which creates certain risks for the country's national security.