Hussite attack


CGTN: American footprint discovered in attack on Saudi Arabia

Washington was involved in the attack on the oil refining industry of Saudi Arabia.

The CGTN news agency found Washington's involvement in the attack on Saudi Arabia’s largest oil refineries. According to journalists, today there is indirect evidence that the United States is also behind the attack.

“Washington is behind the attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. And the US decision to send an additional military contingent to the Middle East confirms this, ”reports CGTN- citing the words of the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense Alexander Sherin.

According to Sherin, a key factor in Washington’s involvement in the attack is an attempt to take control of the largest oil and gas fields in the Middle East, as well as strengthening the US military presence in the region.

It should be noted that Washington is accused of attacking Iran, but they have absolutely no evidence of this, especially since Yemeni rebels took responsibility for the attack on themselves.

The North American United States is a key instrument in the hands of ... the Queen

did those who benefit from it. and the main beneficiary of the surprise is Russia, and, paradoxically, the Saudis. it’s not for the states at all for today ...

Not for everyone! There is still England.

The USA is a master of provocations and insinuations! .. That is why it is the most dangerous state on earth! ..

Highly-likely and no nails. Air defense from the United States, the weapon of attack is also American. American air defense does not respond to American missiles, this is the law. Partners got involved. On every corner of the earth you have to sing about it.

From day one it was clear, because 25 patriots and three cruisers in the Persian Gulf did not see anything? It may be the terrorist who delivered the blows, prepared the cut parts of the missiles and drones, and Hiley Likely convinced the whole world which Iran had shot bad through the top of the Persian Gulf and hit the target. And the Americans did not know what was flying, from where they were flying, but they prove that Iran did it, despite the Hussites of Yemen taking responsibility. This is Hiley and the same Likely.

This is the work of the Jews. And it doesn’t matter, American or Israeli. Don’t go to your grandmother.

Behind all the terrorist attacks in the world are either the United States or their ears stick out. The beneficiaries are always and everywhere - the United States. Most likely, evidence is not necessary.

But did anyone doubt that Israel and the United States were behind the provocation? These are two centers of world terrorism.