The airline AirBaltic


Four drunken AirBaltic crew members detained at Oslo airport

In Norway, the drunk crew of the airline "AirBaltic».

The aircraft commander and three more crew members were detained by the Oslo Airport police after they were unable to pass a sobriety test during the pre-flight inspection. Accurate data on the content of alcohol in their blood is not specified, however, according to information agency, the dose of alcohol in the blood of the aircraft commander was 0,45 per thousand (more than twice the norm - Ed.) ppm, which also does not correspond to the maximum permissible value in 0,3 ppm.

Among other things, it became known that the AirBaltic crew was detained after an anonymous call, while experts do not exclude the possibility that the crew was drunk and during the arrival of a passenger plane to the airport in Oslo.

At the moment, an investigation is being carried out on the fact of the incident that has been revealed, and as a result of it, it is possible for the violators of the rules to face not only suspension from work, but also a fine, and even imprisonment.


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