Death toll from Peshawar mosque attack rises to 90

As a result of an explosion in a mosque in Peshawar, the number of victims increased to 90 people.

The Pakistani authorities report that the suicide bombing at a mosque in Peshawar has left nearly 600 injured, while the number of victims of the attack already stands at 90 people.

The terrorist act was staged in a mosque in Peshawar the day before. It is reported that a suicide bomber broke into the mosque despite the presence of a significant number of police and security forces and blew himself up in a crowd of people. Taliban terrorists are behind the attack (banned in Russia - ed. note). However, no official statements have yet been made by the leadership of the terrorist organization.

The tragedy in Peshawar has become one of the most tragic. At the same time, the rubble is currently being cleared at the site, which does not exclude the possibility that the number of victims and victims may increase.

Experts note that due to the terrorist act arranged by the Taliban, there is a possibility that Pakistan may launch a military operation in Pakistan against the militants.


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