PMC "Wagner" storms the southern part of Bakhmut

The assault on the southern part of Bakhmut began.

Units of the Russian PMC "Wagner" launched an assault on the southern part of Bakhmut. This happened after the assault squads successfully cleared the southern approaches to the city, thereby minimizing the chance of a possible counterattack from the Ukrainian military and foreign mercenaries.

At the moment, it is known that the Wagner PMC units have already been able to move deep into the city to a distance of about 250-300 meters, developing an offensive towards the city center, from which, taking into account the current situation, the distance is about three kilometers.

According to experts, the loss of Bakhmut by the Ukrainian troops is inevitable, since an extremely strong advance of Russian forces has already been recorded from the eastern direction, and in the coming weeks or days the city may even be surrounded. At the same time, Ukrainian artillery is actively hitting Bakhmut, which does not allow intensive advancement due to the risk of extremely large losses. However, it is expected that by the end of the month the city will be surrounded by Russian troops in all directions and its cleansing will begin.

It should be noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffered serious losses in Bakhmut, however, they continue to keep the city under their control for about six months.


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