CNC: helicopter crashed in Africa with Russian military

A helicopter with the Russian military crashed in the CAR.

Russian military personnel involved in providing advisory assistance to military personnel from the Central African Republic crashed in a helicopter on an unknown mission. According to the Corbeau News Centrafrique, the helicopter with the Russian military fell into the river. Victims were avoided, however, two soldiers were seriously injured and injured.

According to the Corbeau News Centrafrique, this is not about Russian military advisers and specialists, but about supposedly mercenaries from the Wagner PMC.

“A military helicopter of Russian mercenaries from the Wagner company crashed in the capital of Central Africa on Monday, November 22, 2021, at about 9 am. According to information verified on the spot, two crew members were seriously injured. According to information confirmed on the spot, a helicopter returning from provincial towns arrived at the camp prior to departure when the pilot noticed that the aircraft was not in good shape a minute after takeoff. Trying not to fall on buildings, the pilot chose to direct the helicopter towards the Ubangi River. But this unofficial version of the General Staff is disputed by another source, which indicates that bad weather conditions were the cause of the crash. "- сообщает edition.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the incident. In this regard, there is no reliable information about whether there were mercenaries on board or military specialists previously sent to this country.

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