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The dispatcher who landed the plane "RyanAir" with the Belarusian oppositionist in Minsk, fled to Poland and confessed

The dispatcher who forced the RyanAir to land in Belarus fled to Poland.

In the case of the forced landing of a RyanAir passenger airliner with a Belarusian oppositionist on board, extremely unexpected details emerged. As it turned out, the same air traffic controller who was in charge of the landing of a passenger plane in Minsk was able to escape to Poland, where he confessed in this high-profile case.

A full report on this high-profile case is planned to be published before the end of this year, however, preliminary data have already been available. As it turned out, the air traffic control service of the Minsk airport at the time of the incident was controlled by employees of the State Security Committee of Belarus - it was the special services that gave orders to the dispatcher to deploy the plane.

“Representatives of the European security services, who wished to remain anonymous because they were not authorized to discuss confidential information, said that the man who fled to Poland worked as an air traffic controller at the Minsk airport. Since his escape, he has provided detailed evidence that a fake bomb threat was passed on to the Ryanair flight as part of the operation to capture Mr. Protasevich. Asked about escaping to Poland, Stanislav Zaryn, director of Poland's National Security Department, declined to comment on the details, but said that Polish officials investigating what he called the Ryanair hijacking had managed to “obtain documentary evidence of what was happening in the control room. ". He added that, according to the witness, the officer of the Belarusian security and intelligence service of the KGB at that time was in the control room and "at the decisive moment took control of the air traffic control service." Throughout the incident, the Belarusian officer "maintained constant telephone contact with someone to whom he informed about what is currently happening with the plane," said Mr. Zarin. ", - reports "The New York Times".

At the moment, the Belarusian authorities do not comment on the situation, however, most likely, the Belarusian airspace will not only remain closed, but also very serious sanctions will be imposed against Belarusian air carriers. Moreover, the ban may apply to flights to Russian cities.

Sikorsky called the New York Times material informational stuff.
"The information that appeared in the New York Times is primarily intended for the average man in the street, for the public, for those who do not know the specifics of civil aviation.
For us, as professionals, this information is meaningless and even absurd, "said Artem Sikorsky, Director of the Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Belarus.
According to him, "the decision to land in Minsk was made by the captain of the aircraft." "
The dispatcher, according to all international rules and standards, cannot exert pressure on the aircraft captain's decision, especially in the context of a threat to aviation security, "Sikorsky said.

“When the ICAO commission came, all our dispatchers, who were on shift that day, told in detail how everything happened, everything was recorded,” said Artem Sikorsky, head of the Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Belarus.
We have all the evidence of the correctness of our actions.

According to the head of the Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Belarus A. Sikorsky, the appearance of such stuffing is necessary to justify the authors and executors of illegal sanctions against Minsk.

The Belarusians have nothing to lose, sanctions have already been imposed on them, Belavia will become a regional Russian-Belarusian carrier. And the ball is on the side of Lukashenka, who can close the airspace of the Republic of Belarus. The dispatcher "gave evidence"? Only the Belarusians interrogated him earlier, but do you think they admired him these six months? It's like Olesha's analyzes: immediately, before and after Berlin

Great news. In fact, no one doubted that the plane was landed on the orders of the Old Man. There was simply nothing to lie from the very beginning - if there was an "enemy of the state" on board, as one of the commentators writes, they would say so. True, the possibility of adequate sanctions of the Old Man to the West raises doubts - he brought the country into unpaid debts, what are the answers.

a subtle hint, but generally provocative - a ban on flights to Russian cities

Belarusian KGB officers are great, they know how to land planes at the right time, in the right place.

the dispatcher must obtain a residence permit. He can say that Putin was standing with a pistol in the control room and that he himself directed the landing of the plane, and the daddy with a machine gun took the plane.

it was an act of air terrorism

Something he ran for a long time !? Bargaining?
The plane landed a pilot, aka FAC. Disp only broadcast from a leaflet from the KGB.
The situation was emergency and the presence of the KGB on the tower was justified. Coordination is called.

Another "test tube" from the Western special services? Well, they landed a plane with an enemy of the state, so what? Has someone died? No. So well done, plus for resourcefulness. They will restrict Belarus (part of the Union State) in flights, and the Union State will not remain in debt. It's all empty, a storm in a glass for the sake of pressure on the dad. The "partners" were late.

Either the dispatcher ran away for money, or just fake testimony.

And everyone thought that the dispatcher had landed the plane himself.