Black Sea Fleet exercises


Two American bombers completed the destruction of 40 ships of the Black Sea Fleet

40 ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy, which took part in the exercises, became "victims" of strategic bombers of the US Air Force.

The United States tried to disrupt the large-scale military exercises of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy in the waters of the Black Sea. Against the background of 40 ships taking part in the large-scale military exercises of the Black Sea Fleet, the American Air Force tried to disrupt the maneuvers of Russian warships, practicing strikes against the entire grouping of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy.

Sources did report that American strategic supersonic bombers B-1B Lancer were seen in the airspace over the Black Sea, however, information on this matter in the country's defense department has only now been confirmed.

"To identify air targets and prevent violation of the state border, two Su-30 fighters from the duty forces of the naval aviation and air defense of the Black Sea Fleet were taken into the air.", - said in a statement.

It should be noted that such a large-scale provocation on the part of the United States is observed for the first time. Apparently, by such actions the Pentagon intends to demonstrate to Russia its aggressive attitude. It is quite obvious that in the event of a real threat, American bombers would be shot down before they could even approach the Black Sea.

"American bombers would have been shot down before" - ridiculous. The curvature of the Earth is positioning.

The range of American missiles exceeds the range of which enemy's missiles? If Russia, then the "guest" uses very outdated data. And if missiles are launched, then it is not known whether they will fly, even without using air defense. Not so long ago, the Americans fired about a hundred of their missiles at Syria, only a couple of them flew, and then not to the target. And whole new Tomahawks fell into the hands of the Russian military.

In the event of a real threat, the Americans will sink the fleet without even flying up to it, the range of their missiles exceeds that of the enemy's counterparts.

I would like to know how the real threat is determined, if it's not a secret?