The collapse of small-aircraft


Two people seriously injured in the crash in Japan

In Japan, small-engine plane crashed.

The crash of a light aircraft occurred in the Japanese prefecture of Ibaraki (Honshu Island), while witnesses to the immediate disaster reported that the pilot of the aircraft, apparently, tried to make an emergency landing, but for unknown reasons, it is assumed that the reason for this was the refusal control system, he could not do this. According to some information from the resource, the plane might not have passed maintenance, but this is just one version of the incident.

As a result of the crash of a light-engine aircraft, two people were injured - a pilot and an airplane passenger, whose condition is currently estimated as extremely difficult. By a fluke, none of the people on the golf course were injured, otherwise the number of victims and victims could be several dozen people.

At the moment, an investigation is being carried out at the crash site of the aircraft, which will result in the official announcement of the causes of the accident.


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