Egypt decided to abandon the F-16 after training battles against the MiG-29M

Egypt compared MiG-29M and F-16 in battle, and chose Russian combat aircraft.

The Egyptian military conducted training battles of F-16 fighters against MiG-29M fighters and decided to purchase a large batch of Russian combat aircraft due to the latter's clear superiority in the sky. As it turned out, the capabilities of the modernized MiG-29 turned out to be much wider, both in long-range and in close combat.

According to Western media reports, by chance, Egypt drew attention to Russian fighters, after testing them, he realized that the same MiG-29s are significantly superior to the F-16, and the upgraded versions of this aircraft can effectively fight the enemy in the air, even if the latter is superior. in quantity.

The long-range air-to-air missiles R-27ER [a variant with an extended-range semi-active RGS] and R-77 provided Egypt's modern combat potential for the first time in recent decades. This was vital to maintain parity with neighboring states ", - reports the publication "The Military Watch"

At the moment, Egypt is preparing to receive a large batch of Russian Su-35S fighters, which will give it some of the best combat aircraft in the entire region - according to previously published data, in the event of a meeting in the air with an F-35 fighter, the latter will lose the battle both on long-range and and at close range.


Perhaps so, but if Egypt really wanted, it could purchase an analogue of the F-16 - JF-17 from China, as the Azerbaijanis do. But the Azerbaijanis also chose JF-17, probably only because of the possibility of paying with oil.

Without professional pilots, these are just expensive pieces of metal and textolite.

Everything is much simpler and more prosaic. After Al Sisi overthrew the government of the Islamist Morsi, who was elected as a result of "democratic elections", the US imposed an embargo on the supply of American weapons to Egypt ... and Al Sisi simply has no choice - he buys planes from Russia. )))