C-400 and the fighter


Erdogan announced the results of testing C-400 - USA did not like them

The President of Turkey spoke about the results of the purchase of Russian C-400.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a statement in which he emphasized the importance of acquiring the Russian C-400 air defense and missile defense systems, noting, after the first tests of this air defense system, that they significantly exceed the capabilities of the American Patriot systems.

According to the Turkish leader, the American Patriot air defense / missile defense systems can not be compared with the Russian Triumphs, noting that Ankara will not abandon the S-400 in favor of the Patriots and that’s the point.

Given the statement made by the Turkish president after the deployment of C-400 in Turkey, it is logical to assume that the capabilities of the Russian Triumphs were incredibly broad, which, however, did not raise any doubts among specialists, since today it is the most long-range anti-aircraft and anti-missile system defense in the world, capable of detecting and hitting aerodynamic and ballistic targets at distances up to 400 kilometers.

Among other things, experts believe that with his statement, Erdogan announced the acquisition of another batch of Russian air defense systems, the consideration of which has already been reported earlier.

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