Aircraft C-130


In Antarctica, a Hercules C-130 plane crashed on board of which there were 38 people

Chilean Air Force crashed while flying to Antarctica.

A few hours ago, the Hercules C-130 military transport aircraft, owned by the Chilean Air Force, carrying 17 crew members and an 21 passenger aboard, disappeared from radar while flying to Antarctica. As it became known, the aircraft crashed, however, the fate of 38 people is still unknown.

“A Chilean Air Force transport plane that previously disappeared from radars en route to Antarctica crashed. This was stated in the country's air force. The wreckage of the aircraft has not yet been discovered. The plane was declared crashed in absentia, after seven hours of lack of radio communications. The rescue operation continues, the aircraft and ships of other countries joined the search ”- reports “”.

Experts estimate the chances of survival of people on board as minimal, which is due primarily to the fact that when falling into cold waters, even with life-saving equipment, people's survival is almost zero.

It should be clarified that according to official figures, the crew of the military transport aircraft Hercules C-130 did not give a distress signal, and therefore, the tragedy that caused a lot of questions.